February Product Updates 

Facebook Caption Format

We now offer a download option specifically for Facebook captions. Facebook requires that your SRT caption file include a naming convention for language. You can now download this unique format directly from your account.

Learn more about adding captions to Facebook >>

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Ooyala v4 Support

Ooyala recently released their v4 player. Our integration with Ooyala is compatible with both v3 and v4. You can add an interactive transcript to Ooyala v4 with our SDK.

  Learn more about the Ooyala integration >>

New year, new digs!

Last year, we made some great strides in updating the 3Play account system to be more user friendly, modern, and most importantly, accessible.

Continuing on that momentum, some of you may notice we released a brand new "Order Services" module and "File Details" panel. These updates change the way you upload media and view files in the account system.

Additionally, we have some new feature enhancements to the "My Files" page!

Learn more in our latest product update video series:

 NEW "Order Services" Module (beta) 

Changing the way you upload media, order services, and select additional settings on orders.

Order services step #1: choose main service

Step #1: Choose Main Service

  • Select a main service
  • Select a source language
  • Select a turnaround
  • Add a glossary/cheatsheet (optional)
Order services step #2: select additional services (optional)

Step #2: Choose Additional Services (optional)

  • Select additional services
  • Select service settings
  • Select turnaround
  • Add a glossary/cheatsheet (optional)

Step #3: Add or upload files

  • Select files from your computer
  • Add files from links
  • Choose files from any linked account
  • Choose to store file in an existing folder or new folder
Order services step #3: add media files and choose where to store your files.

Step #4: Finalize order

  • Finalize selected services, service settings, and turnaround
  • View uploaded files, duration, and estimated cost
  • Submit order
Order services step #4: finalize order

So what are the biggest differences with the new ordering process?

  • "Upload Media" module re-named to "Order Services"
  • Prompts you to select services first, and add or upload files second
  • Clearer distinctions between main services and additional (add-on) services
  • Options to add a glossary of terms or cheat sheet to main services or additional (add-on) services within the ordering process
  • More visibility into pricing rates and order totals

  NEW "File Details" Panel (beta)  

Changing the way you view and process actions on individual files.

File Details page
  • "File Details" now shown as a side panel, instead of a separate page for easier navigation between files
  • Clear identification of the services ordered per file, accompanied with color-coded service statuses
  • Simplified top navigation buttons for a more streamlined user experience
  • File details can be edited within the same view instead of on a separate page
  • Additional option for replacing the source media on a completed file

So what are the biggest differences with the new file details panel?

File details panel

Select multiple files across multiple pages on the My Files page and process services or actions in bulk.

  Other Feature Enhancements!  

Pagination across "My Files"

Sorting "My Files" by number of flags

Sort "My Files" by the number of flags (highest to lowest or lowest to highest).

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 Other New Features! 

Pagination across "My Files"