Product Update

Dual Language Transcription

For files that contain a mix of Spanish and English source content, we provide dual language captioning and transcription. Simply select “Dual Language” as your service upon upload and choose the primary language of the media file.

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Facebook Caption Format

We now offer a download option specifically for Facebook captions. Facebook requires that your SRT caption file include a naming convention for language. You can now download this unique format directly from your account.

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More Updates:

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Ooyala v4 Support

Ooyala recently released their v4 player. Our integration with Ooyala is compatible with both v3 and v4. You can add an interactive transcript to Ooyala v4 with our SDK.

  Learn more about the Ooyala integration >>

Many LMS systems limit the types of code that can be used in course pages, which can make publishing videos with accessibility features difficult. 

The LMS Plugin Embed bypasses this issue by providing a simple iframe embed that includes your video, captions, interactive transcript, and an audio description plugin.

This plugin is compatible with all LMS systems and with many video players.

Check out the example here!

Learn more about the LMS Plugin Embed >>

LMS Plugin Embed

Expiring Editing Link

Do you want to allow someone who is not a 3Play Media user to edit your captions and subtitles? The Expiring Editing Link allows you to provide a non-3Play user with a link to the caption editor. They won't have access to any other part of the account system. This is available for editing transcripts and translations.

 Learn more about the expiring editing link >>