Product Update

Extended Audio Description

Building upon our audio description service, we are now offering extended audio description. If your video has very few natural pauses in the audio track or has extensive/complex visual information, your video may require extended audio description. This service pauses the video to allow for longer descriptions when there is not enough space to sufficiently describe the visuals in your video.

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Facebook Caption Format

We now offer a download option specifically for Facebook captions. Facebook requires that your SRT caption file include a naming convention for language. You can now download this unique format directly from your account.

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More Updates:

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Ooyala v4 Support

Ooyala recently released their v4 player. Our integration with Ooyala is compatible with both v3 and v4. You can add an interactive transcript to Ooyala v4 with our SDK.

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You can now upload files for captioning using your cloud storage accounts! When you link your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box accounts, a feed of your cloud storage videos will show up directly in your 3Play Media account. Select the videos you would like to caption and select a favorite caption format. When your captions are complete, we'll post your favorite format directly back to a 3Play folder in your cloud storage account.

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Upload from Cloud Storage

More Audio Description Updates

We have a lot of exciting updates to our audio description service, including:

  • 3Play's recommendation for service level
  • Updated user editing interface
  • API support for AD
  • Updated, more robust AD plugin
  • Upgrade path from standard to extended AD
  • Phonetic pronunciation support for synthesized speech

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Additional Transcript Review

While we guarantee over 99% accuracy on all files (in fact, our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%), some people require accuracy rates as close to 100% as possible. If you require an additional level of review beyond our normal QA process, you can order transcript review after your file has processed.

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