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Gain Control Over Files Submitted By Users In Your Organization

For organizations that would like an additional review step before orders are submitted for processing, Upload Approval puts all uploads on hold until they can be approved or rejected by a designated user. Upload Approval impacts all files uploaded for transcription and captioning, audio description, and/or translation.

By utilizing this systematic approach directly in the account system, it can help to limit the potential for miscommunication and budgeting issues at your organization.Learn more about

Facebook Caption Format

We now offer a download option specifically for Facebook captions. Facebook requires that your SRT caption file include a naming convention for language. You can now download this unique format directly from your account.

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Ooyala v4 Support

Ooyala recently released their v4 player. Our integration with Ooyala is compatible with both v3 and v4. You can add an interactive transcript to Ooyala v4 with our SDK.

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3Play Media now integrates with Vidyard to automate the captioning process. This integration works with both free and paid accounts.

Simply enter your Vidyard API credentials into your 3Play Media account. Then, you can tag videos in Vidyard to send them directly to 3Play Media for captioning. When captions are complete, they'll post back to your Vidyard Platform videos.  

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Vidyard Integration

The New & Improved Clipmaker 2.0

Clipmaker is a powerful video search and editing application in the Account System for no additional cost. With use of Clipmaker, you can splice clips from multiple files and export a new video asset for rough editing or inclusion in reports. 

Clipmaker 2.0 features updates to the transcript with ability to search the transcript for particular words, a video scroll bar, and a toggle keywords button to find highlighted topics through the video. 

Captioning & Transcription In Other Languages

We now offer transcription in nearly 2 dozen languages other than our existing offering of English and Spanish. Depending on the amount of content and its complexity, estimated turnaround is 4-5 business days. 

When uploading a file, select Transcription and Captioning from the list of services and then select the target language from the dropdown menu.  

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