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3Play Media provides the only true 99% accuracy rate in the industry

At 3Play Media, we have a measured accuracy rate of 99.6%, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, and complex material.

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3play's process is as follows: first round automatic speech recognition, followed by two rounds of human review

Our three-step process is designed to delivery high quality and competitively priced captions

We use a mix of automatic speech recognition and two-rounds of human editing to ensure the highest accuracy rate.


We take care of the accuracy so you don’t have to

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One File, One Editor
At 3Play, we never split your file. Each complete file is assigned to a specific editor. This ensures that the file accuracy is consistent throughout.

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3Play Standards
In addition to the DCMP Standards for caption quality, we have our own internal standards to ensure every file is accurate and readable.

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Quality Assurance
Every single file we process is put through a final round of quality assurance completed by one of our professional transcriptionists.

Technical Glossaries
We allow users to upload glossaries, which include the correct spelling of words, names, and places, to help the transcriptionist editing the file.

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Word-for-Word Synchronization
To ensure maximum accuracy and completeness, we timecode you files based on each spoken word.

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Consistent Accuracy with Every File
Regardless of how long, how complicated, or many files you have, we always guarantee a 99% accuracy.


Companies everywhere are creating accessible video.

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“We’re impressed by the accuracy even for professors who mumble, speak quickly, or have thick accents. There’s really no other vendor that compares in price, quality, or customer service.”
Matt Lewis




99% Accuracy Rate Guaranteed, No Matter the Plan


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1 user, 2 upload methods, YouTube/Vimeo integrations. English/Spanish captioning only.

Pro 🏕️

Steady captioning needs and more advanced features.

Over 5 Hours of Video
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Multiple users, upload methods, & integrations. Captioning, audio description, translation.

Enterprise ⛰️

Heavy captioning needs, advanced features, and flexibility.

Over 30 Hours of Video
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Custom and flexible workflows available. 30 hour minimum commitment.