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Although we do our best to maintain the most current information, some of the info on this page may be inaccurate or out of date. Date of last update: Apr 4, 2019.

Why 3Play Media? 💬

Your trusted accessibility partner with 10+ years of innovation and the only true 99% accuracy rate in the industry.

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Trusted, Proven Technology

Born out of MIT 10 years ago, we have a history of being innovative in the video accessibility space.

We offer efficient, cost-effective solutions and have over 8 patents pending.

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Full-Service Solution

Our price includes more than just captioning. We offer a full-service solution that is robust and scalable.

We offer advanced features, flexible workflows, audio description, translation, and so much more.

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We guarantee 99% accuracy on all files – regardless of difficulty.

Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%, the highest in the industry.

Read the study to learn why we are the only vendor with true 99% accuracy.

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Accessibility Partner

We continuously provide dedicated onboarding and support for our customers.

We also create tons of educational resources and host webinars and conferences throughout the lifespan of a customer.

What Matters?


Workflows, features, user experience, and customer satisfaction make up the core of a good captioning vendor.


Integrations & Workflows Services & Features Account System Customer Satisfaction


3Play Media


Measured accuracy rate

Consistent Quality

We guarantee 99% accuracy on all files, regardless of size or quantity submitted

Dedicated Support

Responsive support that can be reached multiple ways and clear documentation for every step of the 3Play journey

Own Your Account

You have the ability to cancel jobs, manage users, create projects, download usage reports, and so much more



Measured accuracy rate

Inconsistent Quality

Caption files come back with inconsistent spelling and punctuation, despite guaranteeing 99.9% accuracy

Limited Support

Support can be reached only through chat when the team is available

Limited Account Functions

User cannot cancel a job, select a turnaround time, or request usage reports

Integrations & WorkflowsGo to Top

Captioning your own content can be hard and time-consuming; that’s why you want a vendor that makes it easier for you.


3Play Media Pro


Integrations with Video Platforms29 Integrations10 Integrations
Upload Options6 Upload Options6 Upload Options
Available Caption Formats50+ Output Formats6 Output Formats
Turnaround Service Level Agreements
with automatic discount applied to invoice
checkmark in circle
Flexible APIscheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle


man pointing at chalkboard that reads workflows and integrations

3Play Media offers integrations that allow customers to order captioning directly from their video platform or lecture caption system. Support is offered for all integrations, workflows, and upload options.

Additional Features Available with 3Play Media:

clockFlexible Turnaround
options from 4 business days to 2-hour delivery
Verbit users cannot select a turnaround time when ordering

hammerFile Formats for Any Platform
50+ out of the box formats; will build custom formats on request
Verbit offers 6 output formats

volume controlProcess Video at Scale
regardless of file size – 99% accuracy, always
Verbit’s average accuracy rate ranges from 94.83% – 95.58%

Your Project Deadlines Matter

If we miss your turnaround, we’ll automatically discount your file to the next turnaround level.

3play media's turnaround options.

3Play Media offers a range of turnaround options to best fit the customer’s project. Customers can choose turnaround times from our standard 4 business days to as fast as 2-hour delivery.

In the unfortunate case that we miss your selected deadline (even by one second), you will only be charged for the service level achieved and we will automatically apply the discount to your invoice.

  • Choose your turnaround time – from 4 business days to 2-hours
  • 3Play Media’s deadline compliance is over 99.6%
  • Missed deadlines – even by one second- will be automatically refunded


play's customer  says Florida Hospital uses 3Play Media to bring more automation to our transcription needs. By directly integrating with our Brightcove account and automatically generating interactive transcripts, we are providing a better experience for our viewers and a more efficient content editing workflow.

Want to test a video file for captioning?

Services & FeaturesGo to Top

Video accessibility is more than just captioning; that’s why you want a vendor that offers all the tools you need to make your video accessible.



3Play Media Pro


Captioning & Transcriptioncheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle
Audio Description
Requirement under Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 AA
checkmark in circle
Transcription in Languages Other than English20+ LanguagesOnly accepts videos spoken in English, Spanish, and Hebrew
Translation40+ Languages
Formats for Neflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon
checkmark in circleOffers .dfxp but unclear if format meets the individual requirements of the streaming service
Caption Encodingcheckmark in circle
Caption Placement
FCC requirement
checkmark in circle
Caption Importcheckmark in circle


two business people shaking hands

3Play Media offers a range of services for video accessibility including audio description, translations, and captioning in 20+ languages.


Additional Features Available with 3Play Media:

speech bubblesWord-for-Word Synchronization
to ensure maximum accuracy and completeness
person with nametagCertified Transcriptionists
All of our transcript editors go through a rigorous certification process before ever touching a file
two arrows pointing in opposite directionsMixed English/Spanish Content
if your file has both English and Spanish audio content, we’ll transcribe both

film stripCaptioning for 20+ languages
we accept original source videos in 20+ languages for captioning and transcription
Verbit only offers captioning for English, Spanish, and Hebrew source videos
first aid carHIPAA Compliant Workflow
ipodCaption Encoding
embed your captions into your video for easy social sharing
legal scaleFCC, Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and ADA Compliance
thumbs upTranscript Alignment
upload transcript files you own and we’ll synchronize the text to the media
Verbit does not offer this

99% Accuracy Rate Guaranteed

Regardless of file size or quantity of files submitted, we always guarantee a 99% accuracy rate.

graph comparing verbit, 3play media, and automatic captions accuracy rate against industry standard of 99%. vebit measured accuracy rate ranges from 94.8% to 95.6%. compared to 3play media's which is 99.6%. automatic captions have a 60% to 85% measure accuracy rate
Quality and accuracy rates should include punctuation, spelling, and grammar, ensuring that linguistic standards and legal requirements are met. 3Play Media has a measured accuracy rate of 99.6%.

Verbit, on the other hand, promises a 99% accuracy rate, yet their true accuracy rate falls short – 94.8% to 95.6%.

The FCC, DCMP, and WCAG have all set captioning quality standards to ensure captions are comprehensible. Failure to uphold these standards could affect your brand, messaging, or result in a costly lawsuit. Verbit’s measured accuracy rate is well below the industry standard of 99%. Read more about our accuracy analysis.

Your Files Should Be Consistent Throughout

When comparing Verbit’s transcripton to 3Play Media’s, we saw errors such as extra and incorrect words inserted into sections wth no dialogue, false starts, misplaced commas, and spelling errors.

graph comparing verbit's transcript and the correct transcript. this graph shows inconsistencies in word spelling, missed and extra words, and false starts.

File consistency in grammar and punctuation is critical to the reading comprehension and meaning of the content. Spelling errors can easily distract or confuse readers. Such errors can also be detrimental to an organization’s branding and SEO.

As shown on the table, throughout a caption file returned by Verbit, punctuation and grammar were inconsistent. This indicates a lack of quality control and careless transcription. It could also mean that there are several people editing a single transcript.

At 3Play Media, each file is assigned a single transcriptionist who carefully edits the automatic speech recognition transcript. Every file is then put through a final round of quality assurance with a more experienced QA transcriptionist who makes sure the file is consistent in spelling and punctuation.



3Play Media Pro


Technical Glossariescheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle
Speaker IDscheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle
Caption/Transcript Editorcheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle
Audio Description Editorcheckmark in circleDoes not offer audio description
Interactive Transcript Plugincheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle
SEO Plugincheckmark in circle
Audio Description Plugincheckmark in circleDoes not offer audio description


person happily typing on a computer

3Play Media offers unique features to make videos more accessible, searchable, and SEO friendly – at no extra cost.

Additional Features Available with 3Play Media:

magnifying glassPlaylist Search Plugin
allows users to search transcripts across a whole video library
circle graphUsage & Activity Reports
to keep track of all the work you are putting into captioning

part of a film stripClipmaker
allows users to create rough edit clips from transcribed videos

penOpen Captions
download files with open captions burned in for offline use

bookLMS Compatibility
allows users to publish videos with interactive transcripts in LMS

Publish accessible video more easily

Use the 3Play Plugin to add captions, interactive transcripts, audio description, and SEO metadata to your videos using a simple iframe.

gif of the interactive transcript and 3play plugin. there is a button for AD and you can also hide the transcript
Add any of the following features to any video player – including those that don’t support captions or audio description.

Interactive Transcript & Video Search: Search for a specific keyword in the transcript, then jump directly to that point in your video.

Audio Description Embed: Add and “AD” icon to turn descriptions on or off on any video.

SEO Embed: Inject metadata to the head of your page to automatically boost the SEO of your video.

Caption Embed: Add captions to video players that don’t support them, or to videos you don’t own.

Download: Click the “download” icon to download a PDF version of the transcript.

LMS Compatible: The plugin is a simple iframe that is compatible in all LMS systems.


according to a 3play customer, "3Play Media has been a fantastic partner to get us started with captioning. Their web user interface is rich yet simple to use, and the quality and timeliness of transcripts is superb.

Want to see our services & features?

Account SystemGo to Top

Every organization has different needs and project management requirements; a good captioning vendor will let you manage your account to your specific use case.


3Play Media Pro


File OrganizationOrganize by project, folder, and tagsOrganize by tags
Data RetentionSource media purged after 180 daysSource media purged after 30 days with exclusions subject to monthly charges
Supports Project or Department Specific Billing checkmark in circle
Flexible User Control and Managementcheckmark in circleOnly two types: Admin & Editor for a specific account
Dedicated Account Managercheckmark in circlecheckmark in circle


worker relaxing on top of desk

3Play Media offers system capabilities to suit your every need, white glove support to help you along the way, and industry expertise to assist with changing accessibility trends.


Additional Features Available with 3Play Media:

indicatorIn-App Tooltips & Tours
guide you throughout the 3Play account system
construction hatWhite Glove Support
and thorough documentation for every process
Verbit offers limited support documentation

calculator Organize Billing
by different projects/departments with admin oversight
papersProrated Pricing
every file is prorated to the second
laptopIndustry Expertise
hundreds of free resources on web accessibility including blogs, white papers, webinars, & industry reports
Verbit offers a blog, but publishes infrequently
drawings of four different peopleFlexible User Permissions
allow you to limit access to projects on a user-by-user basis
Verbit has two user types: Admin and Editor. Permissions can either be set for the whole account or individual files.

Manage your users based on permissions

3Play allows you to manage every user, so you don’t have to share your own username or password.

in the account showing how you can manage the permission of certain users
User Permissions can be organized by:

-Who can access and manage billing
-Who can upload files
-Who can approve orders
-Who can manage other users
-Who can edit files
-Who can publish plugins and access APIs
-Who can organize files

You can also organize users by projects and create multiple projects under one centralized account.

according to a 3play customer "3Play Media has successfully integrated into the complex workflow that our Learning Design shop brings. Their results are consistently reliable and the level of service their team provides is rare to find. 3Play Media goes beyond just another captioning company, and provides us with the tools to be efficient and innovative at a cost that doesn’t burn our budget."

Is 3Play Media the right vendor for you?

Customer SatisfactionGo to Top

Technology isn’t perfect; that’s why having a dedicated, responsive support team is critical to ensuring you have a satisfactory experience.


3Play Media Pro


Support Team
checkmark in circleChat only
Strict Service Level Agreementscheckmark in circle
Support Knowledge Base456 support articles (and counting)30 support articles


Support That is Always There For You

Our support team is dedicated to helping you have a seamless experience with 3Play Media.
papers on top of each other456 Support Articles (and counting)
With images and comprehensive instructions for you to follow along

ribbon4.9/5 Star Customer Satisfaction
As one customer comments about their experience, “a prompt, professional, highly personalized reply that was spot on!”

24 hour clockAverage Ticket Resolution Time Less Than 24 Hours
Our team works to find a solution as soon as a ticket comes in
personAlways a Human, Never a Robot
Our team is always there to answer personally

tickeetAll Tickets Answered Within 3 Business Hours
We have a strict internal SLA for all tickets coming in
pen and paperOpen to Feature Requests
Many of our new features come from customer requests


What Do Our Customers Say?

smiling stick figure

We work with over 2,500+ customers on their captioning, transcription, translation, and audio description needs.

Our customers have rated us the #1 captioning service on G2Crowd.

What Do 3Play Customers Say?

“I think they cracked the code in this field.”
“Definitely an industry leader.”

“I know that the spelling will be accurate, the timing will be in sync, and non dialogue cues will be present in our transcripts and closed caption files.”

“The staff is extremely competent and always willing to answer questions and find solutions.”




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