Australian Research Study: How Useful Are Closed Captions for Learning?

Adding to the rapid-growing number of studies surrounding closed captioning in higher education, an Australian academic study on how closed captions impact student learning in mathematics has just been released.

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The study involved 135 students at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney and investigated the perceived level of usefulness that both accurate and automated captions lent in a mathematics course over a 2-month period.

It was discovered that students broadly agreed that captions are a useful learning feature allowing flexibility of where and when a video is watched, while helping to understand speaker accents, and clarify explanations that are difficult to hear in the recording.

Dr. Chris Tisdell, who is one of two authors on the study, Associate Dean of Education, and Associate Professor of Mathematics at UNSW, will present on the study and main takeaways from the insights as they apply to closed captioning use in higher education everywhere.

This presentation will cover:

  • Data & results from the student study
  • Levels of student engagement with closed captions
  • How and why students used closed captions in the study
  • How students perceived the usefulness of accurate vs. automatically-generated captions
  • The percent of overall students responding who report using closed captions as a helpful learning aid
  • Takeaways from the study


Dr. Chris Tisdell
Study Author | University of New South Wales

Patrick Loftus (Moderator)
Marketing Assistant | 3Play Media