Best Practices for Integrating Closed Captioning with Mediasite Lecture Capture

With the proliferation of lecture capture and other video communications used for blended and online learning, educational institutions are facing legal, functional, and ethical pressures to provide video accessibility accommodations to their students and staff. For accessibility administrators and technology implementers this means figuring out the most streamlined and cost-effective solution for accessible video captioning.

In this session, Sam McCool, the Instructional Technology Manager at Nevada State College, will discuss NSC’s campus accessibility policy and the solutions they implemented. We will provide a comprehensive view of the captioning process, including best practices for linking to Mediasite, as well as best practices and tips for implementing accessibility technologies. We will also go over federal accessibility laws that dictate closed captioning requirements in higher education. Looking at Nevada State College’s workflow, we will walk through an efficient, cost-effective way to manage closed captioning at a university level.

This presentation will cover:

  • Nevada Sate College’s accessibility policy
  • Operational considerations for developing a captioning workflow
  • Recent and upcoming legislation impacting closed captioning requirements
  • Integrating closed captioning with Mediasite


Sam McCool
Instructional Technology Manager | Nevada State College

Lily Bond
Marketing Manager | 3Play Media