Google, Adobe Share Their Video Accessibility Strategies

As online video becomes the primary medium for disseminating information across the Internet, publishers face legal and ethical pressures to make video accessible for people with hearing impairments and other disabilities.

In this webinar, Google and Adobe will discuss how their video platforms are changing the landscape of accessibility through better tools, technologies, best practices, and education. They will also discuss their internal accessibility strategies and how they are impacted by accessibility laws, HTML5, and the proliferation of mobile devices. This webinar will cover the following topics:

This webinar will cover:

  • Latest technologies and tools available to web publishers and accessibility advocates
  • Recent and upcoming legislative changes impacting access to video
  • Impact of HTML5 and mobile devices on video accessibility
  • Google and Adobe‚Äôs internal video accessibility strategies


Naomi Black
Accessibility Engineering Program Manager | Google

Andrew Kirkpatrick
Group Product Manager of Accessibility | Adobe Systems

Josh Miller
Co-Founder | 3Play Media