How an Accessibility Strategy Can Unlock the Power of Academic Video

This webinar, hosted by Mediasite, covers current and emerging accessibility issues in higher education, with presentations from Sonic Foundry, North Carolina State University, and 3Play Media. Campuses all over the globe are using video to teach blended, hybrid, online and flipped classes. While the number of online classes is skyrocketing, it’s also brought a wave of accessibility issues that, from a legal and ethical standpoint, can’t be ignored. This webinar will get you up to speed on IT accessibility issues, policy and law as they pertain to academic video.

Topics covered include:

  • Accommodating special needs students in today’s video-heavy learning experience
  • Recent and upcoming legislation impacting video accessibility and closed captioning
  • How to find the resources, staff and time to implement accessibility measures
  • Tips to draw more value out of the academic video created on your campus
  • How solid accessibility practices will foster deeper engagement with faculty and students campus-wide


Greg Kraus
IT Accessibility Coordinator | North Carolina State University

Tole Khesin
VP of Marketing | 3Play Media

Sean Brown
Senior Vice President | Sonic Foundry