How the University of Maryland Implemented a Campus-Wide IT Accessibility Plan

In 2015, the University of Maryland created a 3-year IT Accessibility Plan focused on improving and (re)designing on-campus technologies. Specifically, they focused on web accessibility, course (re)design, multimedia development, eLearning tools, and assistive technology tools. This plan was created and implemented by the university’s Division of IT, with recommendations from the campus’ IT Accessibility Committee, a group comprised of individuals from across campus.

In this webinar, Ana Palla-Kane (IT Accessibility Specialist) and Susan Johnston (Instructional Designer) will dive into the design and implementation of their IT accessibility plan, providing an inside look into the university’s own strategies and structure. They will discuss the specific steps taken by the Division of IT in designing and implementing the plan, as well as provide insight into first-year successes and challenges.

This presentation will cover:

  • How to design an IT accessibility plan
  • Steps in implementing an IT accessibility plan
  • Successes and challenges faced after the first year implementing a campus-wide IT accessibility plan


Ana Palla-Kane
IT Accessibility Specialist | University of Maryland

Susan Johnston
Instructional Designer | University of Maryland

Sofia Enamorado (Moderator)
Marketing Assitant | 3Play Media