How Yahoo Is Making Their Technology Accessible for Everyone

Yahoo has more than a billion monthly active users. Knowing that roughly 10% of the world’s population identifies as having some kind of disability, it’s important that we build our products for all users to access and enjoy, whether or not they are disabled.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about how Yahoo is committed to building cutting-edge products that make every user experience delightful, inspiring, and accessible to all. Mike Shebanek, Senior Director of Yahoo’s Accessibility Team, and Larry Goldberg, Accessible Media Expert at Yahoo, will present on:

  • An overview of accessibility at Yahoo, including closed captioning, screen reader accessibility, and single switches
  • Yahoo’s mindful approach to accessibility for all their products
  • Yahoo’s Accessibility Labs
  • A deep dive into Yahoo’s closed captioning initiatives
  • How Yahoo goes above and beyond FCC captioning requirements
  • Challenges and opportunities in closed captioning, including different viewing platforms, distribution networks, file formats, and video player user settings


Mike Shebanek
Senior Director, Accessibility | Yahoo!

Larry Goldberg
Director, Media Accessibility | Yahoo!

Lily Bond (Moderator)
Director of Marketing | 3Play Media