HTML5 Video Accessibility: Updates, Features, and Guidelines

What are the best practices for making web-based video and audio accessible? In this webinar, John Foliot, a video accessibility expert and contributor to the W3C’s new Media Accessibility User Requirements (MAUR), will go over the latest updates to HTML5 video as well as new guidelines for making media accessible on the web.

This webinar will cover:

  • HTML5 video updates
  • Accessibility features of HTML5
  • Vetted, best practices information from the W3C
  • The new Media Accessibility User Requirements (MAUR), and what that means for you
  • Best practices for online video accessibility
  • Closed captioning guidelines according to MAUR and the W3C
  • Resources for making your web-based media accessible


John Foliot
W3C Co-Facilitator | HTML5 Accessibility Task Force

Lily Bond (Moderator)
Marketing Manager | 3Play Media