Oracle, Lockheed Martin, Films Media Group, and Digital Tutors Share Strategies for Accessible Video Captioning

This recorded session features a panel of multimedia experts from Oracle, Lockheed Martin, Films Media Group, and Digital Tutors. The panel discuss online video search and accessibility for training and e-learning.

This panel session from the Streaming Media 2013 conference (New York) discusses captioning and transcription solutions implemented by consumer content services and enterprise corporations. Learn the costs and benefits derived from captioning, as well as best practices and tips for implementing accessibility technologies. The panel also discusses strategies for meeting upcoming accessibility regulations and emerging standards that impact online video captioning.



Ben Labrum
Senior Product Manager, Training On Demand | Oracle

Wendy Collins
VP Digital Strategy | Infobase Learning

Piyush Patel
CEO | Digital Tutors

Thomas Aquilone
Enterprise Technology Programs Manager | Lockheed Martin

Josh Miller (Moderator)
Co-Founder | 3Play Media