Penn State Demonstrates Its Award-Winning Closed Captioning Workflow

In July, 2011, Penn State University together with 3Play Media won the Campus Technology Innovators Award for developing an open source system that dramatically simplifies the process of making media files WACG accessible. In this webinar, Penn State discusses and demonstrate how the ELIMedia system works and how it has helped the campus to streamline transcription and captioning. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Reasons for developing the e-Learing Institute’s Media Asset Management System (ELIMedia)
  • How the workflow helps with WACG (Web Accessibility Compliance Guidelines) through transcription and closed captioning
  • Side benefits, including searchability and user engagement
  • Demonstration of the system showing how media is uploaded, captioned, and embedded in a course
  • Ideas for new features and the future direction of the ELIMedia system
  • How to get the source code for ELIMedia and help with future development


Keith D. Bailey, Ph.D
Assistant Dean of Online Learning and Education Technology
Penn State University – College of Arts and Architecture

Bryan Ollendyke
Instructional Web Technology Specialist
Penn State University – College of Arts and Architecture

Josh Miller
Co-Founder | 3Play Media

Tole Khesin
VP of Marketing | 3Play Media