Incorporating Accessibility into the Procurement Process

Procurement and accessibility go hand-in-hand.

In order to purchase better, more accessible technology, a university should have their accessibility goals clearly outlined, as well as a clear process for the purchase of new technology. Knowing what questions to ask, what resources to use, and who should be involved is crucial.

Regardless of the product, there should be a process for evaluating the technology’s accessibility for all university personnel.

In this webinar, Kara Zirkle, Accessible Technology Specialist at Miami University, will go over the lessons she’s learned from establishing a procurement process at George Mason and now Miami University. She will share what important tools you can use in your procurement workflows, as well as demonstrate how you can build a procurement process at your university.

In this webinar, Kara will cover:

  • Best practices for building a procurement process
  • What questions to ask vendors
  • How to use automated software to your advantage
  • Examples of procurement workflows
  • Who should be involved in the procurement workflow


Kara Zirkle
Accessible Technology Specialist | Miami University

Sofia Leiva (Moderator)
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