The Nuts & Bolts of Captioning & Describing Online Video

Ever wanted to know the mechanics behind captioning and audio description?

Besides attracting a more diverse audience and enhancing the user experience, captions and audio description have fascinating and important fundamentals that will be explored in this webinar. With the predominance of accessibility laws and the upcoming refresh of Section 508 (which requires organizations to comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards by early 2018), it’s the perfect time to become well-versed in captioning and audio description.

In this webinar, Owen Edwards, Senior Accessibility Consultant at SSB BART Group and contributor to the Video.js open-source web video player, and Lily Bond, Director of Marketing for 3Play Media, will deconstruct captioning and audio description down to its nuts and bolts. This webinar will explore the legal requirements, benefits, best practices, how-to’s and more of captioning and audio description to ensure you can confidently proclaim yourself as an accessibility guru.

This presentation will cover:

  • What are captions? What is audio description?
  • Why should we caption and provide audio description?
  • How do publish captions and audio description?
  • Who creates captions and audio description?
  • Where can you publish captions and audio description?


Owen Edwards
Senior Accessibility Consultant | SSB BART Group

Lily Bond
Director of Marketing | 3Play Media