Universal Design for Learning: The Hidden Chapters

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for creating interactions that afford people multiple ways to get and stay engaged, multiple ways to take in information, and multiple ways to demonstrate skills and share ideas.

In the book Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone; Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education, Thomas J. Tobin and Kirsten Behling provide concrete strategies for colleges and universities who want to increase their learners’ persistence, retention, and satisfaction.

In this webinar, Thomas Tobin, faculty developer, consultant, and author, will dive deeper into the enterprise-level strategies for adopting UDL strategies. Tobin will explore the “hidden chapters” within his book to teach mid-level managers and directors in colleges, universities, and companies the best UDL practices to help fuel a successful implementation.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to talk about UDL to senior leaders in a language they understand
  • Prioritize which interactions at your institution need to be re-designed
  • How to implement feedback mechanism to shape the direction of future UDL applications


Thomas Tobin
Faculty Associate, Professional Consultant, & Author l University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sofia Leiva
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