A Toolkit for Digital Accessibility

Designing for inclusion is a powerful practice, which helps enrich products for all users. Many organizations and developers fail to fully consider the ways customers access technology or accessibility requirements are poorly communicated, resulting in inaccessible products.

In this webinar, Jack Nicolai, Accessibility Product Manager at Adobe, will share tools, techniques, and best practices to integrate accessibility requirements into your projects. This presentation will help professionals create better documentation to effectively communicate accessibility requirements throughout all phases of the product development lifecycle.

This presentation will cover:

  • Who is responsible for accessibility requirements?
  • What you need to document for better communication
  • Methods for capturing accessibility requirements
  • Best practices for documenting accessible workflows
  • ARIA attributes and content specifically targeting assistive technology
  • Validating accessibility during testing


Jack Nicolai
Accessibility Product Manager, Creative Cloud l Adobe

Sofia Leiva (Moderator)
3Play Media