Developing Accessibility Training Strategies in Higher Ed

Do you train your staff on accessibility best practices?

Having a strong, well-developed training program can directly impact the success of your institution’s accessibility initiative. Too often, training sessions are too long, too hard, and not engaging. As a result, nothing gets done.

At Michigan State University, they realized it was time to change how they trained and supported their staff.

In this webinar, Jennifer Ismirle, Senior User Experience Researcher, and Phillip Deaton, Accessibility Coordinator, from Michigan State University will share how they developed a digital accessibility training program for different types of content and content creators. They will discuss why training is important, as well as share strategies for creating an engaging and successful program.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why training is needed
  • Case study on the needs of a major MSU division
  • Problems with current training
  • What Michigan State University is doing
  • Strategies to implement in your trainings


Jennifer Ismirle
Senior User Experience Researcher l Michigan State University

Phillip Deaton
Digital Accessibility Coordinator l Michigan State University