Accessible Educational Materials as a Foundation for UDL

Accessible educational materials (AEM) are designed to enhance the usability of educational materials across a wide range of learner variability. From a UDL perspective, AEM and accessible technologies may be customized and adjusted to meet individual needs, making them assets for all learners.

In this webinar, Luis Perez, a Technical Assistant Specialist for the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials at CAST, will dive into AEM and UDL and provide a plethora of resources to help you get started with the selection, curation, and creation of accessible educational materials.

This webinar will cover:

  • Definition of AEM
  • The benefits of AEM
  • How anyone can create accessible assets
  • Essential tools and resources from the AEM Center
  • Quality indicator for developing a robust AEM provision system


Luis Perez l Technical Assistant Specialist
National Center on Accessible Educational Materials at CAST


  • CAST Website
  • CAST: UDL Guidelines
  • CAST: UDL Theory and Practice (Free book)