Why Your Inaccessible Website Could Get You Sued & How To Prevent It

In 2017, 814 federal lawsuits were brought against inaccessible websites.

As our world continues to become more digitized, it’s important to keep accessibility at the frontier of all online operations. 71% of people with disabilities leave a website immediately if it is not accessible.

The internet offers a plethora of information, why shouldn’t everyone be able to access it?

In this webinar, Ken Nakata, Director of Accessibility Consulting at Cyxtera Technologies, and former DOJ attorney will discuss website liability and best practices for creating accessible websites.

Ken will cover:

    • What is website liability?
    • The laws on website accessibility
    • Who can get sued?
    • Why website accessibility matters to you and your visitors
    • Recommendations for creating accessible websites


Ken Nakata
Director of Accessibility Consulting | Cyxtera Technologies

Sofia Leiva (Moderator)
3Play Media