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Q&A: What You Should Know About Social Media Accessibility with @TheInstagramExpert [TRANSCRIPT]

SOFIA LEIVA: Thanks for joining this webinar entitled, “What You Should Know about Social Media Accessibility” with @TheInstagramExpert. I’m Sofia Leiva from 3Play Media, and I’ll be moderating today. And today, I’m joined by Sue B. Zimmerman, also known as TheInstagramExpert. Sue helps business owners find success on Instagram. At age 22, she launched her first million-dollar business called Boxer Rebellion.

From her success, she began educating businesses on how to grow with smart marketing tactics, including good social media practices. Sue was the first to create a comprehensive, online Instagram course called Insta-Results, and Ready Set Gram. Her blog is ranked as one of the top 10 social media blogs in 2017 by Social Media Examiner. She’s also one of the most popular creative live instructors and has been named by Huffington Post, top “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017.”

We are so excited to have her here today, and we’re so excited for this Q&A. And with that, let’s get started. Hi, Sue. Thank you so much for joining us today.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Hey, it’s great to be here. I love seeing the captions on the video. This is very cool.

SOFIA LEIVA: Yeah, it’s very exciting. Now I know we covered a little bit about you earlier, but I’d like you to first start by introducing yourself and giving the audience an overview of your background.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Sure. Hey, everybody. I’m putting a little bit of information for you all in the chat, so that you can click in and check that out. I put my website. I put my Instagram account. I’ve been teaching Instagram marketing now for almost six years, and I discovered the effect that it could have on my business. I used to have a retail store on Cape Cod. And my sales increased so much that I started teaching it to other business owners.

And I’m that entrepreneur that always kind of goes with the flow, and the trends, and the opportunities out there. And I knew that Instagram was going to be wildly successful because my teenage twin daughters were on it at the time. And they’re like, Mom, don’t get on Instagram, because then you’re going to start teaching it. Because I used to teach social media. I’ve been teaching social media for 10 years, and I used to teach social media when I didn’t have my store.

So for the past six years, I have been speaking all over the world on many podcasts, doing webinars. I have coaching clients. And my goal is to really help mostly women business owners, but all business owners, small-business owners, have success using visual storytelling, specifically using Instagram, and understanding, more importantly, the online marketplace because it’s so overwhelming pretty much for every business, because people feel or think they have to be on every social platform, and doing it all. And that’s just not true. And so what I teach is to focus on one– the one that you enjoy the most, the one that you know your target audience and ideal client is hanging out on.

Maybe it’s LinkedIn. Maybe it’s Facebook. Maybe it’s Pinterest. For me, it’s Instagram. But it’s important to know what that platform is, and to go all-in on that, and to use that social platform as an amplification of what goes on in your business, to drive traffic back to your website, your home base, because that you own, and well, social can just go away tomorrow.

So I really try to explain to people that, in order to become that go-to influencer, expert, company, thought leader, philanthropy– whatever it is your business is– is that you have to create compelling content. Kind of like what we’re doing today for 3Play Media, where you walk the talk, where you show people how to do the thing in your business that’s actually going to make a difference, and move the needle in their business.

And I think a lot of people really overthink the content of their business. And today, people are just so overwhelmed with content, creating content, and the truth is, micro-content, in my opinion, is where it’s at. If you can give people every day a small little win, and address issues that they’re having– those pain points, the things that are going to help them in their business– then you’re winning.

And so every day on Instagram, @TheInstagramExpert, my business account– and I do have a personal account, @SueBZimmerman, as well– but I share Instagram tips and tactics. Those tips and tactics show up in my feed. They show up in my Instagram Stories. They show up in IGTV, which 3Play Media transcribes. We’ll talk about this a little bit– the captions. And videos show up in my Instagram Live.

So I am relentlessly sharing content in the places that I know my target audience likes to consume the content. And I could talk about this all day. But I’ll just check in with you, Elisa, to see if– I know that was a lot to add to the intro, but I want people to understand where I’m coming from.

SOFIA LEIVA: No, that was really, really great, and you touched on a lot of things that we do want to cover. So for example, you did touch a little bit about the influencers, and how there’s so much content out there. How do you define that compelling content, and what are some good examples that you’ve seen?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Compelling content is content that actually gives value to your audience. And that value can be educating, inspiring, empowering, entertaining. Value is just this word we throw out. Give value, give value. But what does that actually mean? It really means, are you making an impact? Are you emotionally connecting with the person that you ultimately want to do business with?

And I believe from visual content, specifically on Instagram, you can make that emotional connection. Because the truth is, people respond to images 32% faster than written text. And so if the image can hook, can pique curiosity, you can then pull people in, and you now have an opportunity for a conversation. And it’s the conversations that can lead to a conversion, if you do it well, if you’re not selling, but you’re solving these problems that I talk about.

Examples of people doing it well– I do have examples of people doing captions really well that I put together for you. But if you look at my Instagram account, @TheInstagramExpert, and you look at all the people that I’m following, those are the people doing it well, because I only follow accounts that I think are awesome. So any of you, let me know in the chat, in the comments, are you guys on Instagram? Do you like Instagram?

Are you there regularly? Even if you’re not, I want you to know that if you go to @TheInstagramExpert, give me a follow. Tap on who I’m following. You will immediately see hundreds of people doing it well because I don’t follow random people. I follow people that give me value every day. So I walk the talk of what I preach and teach. Does that make sense?

SOFIA LEIVA: Yeah, that’s really great. And I definitely agree, you do post amazing content that’s really valuable. We had some people in this chat say that they’re on Instagram too much, and I definitely agree, it’s a very addicting platform. But it’s because it’s so creative, and you can do so much with it.


SOFIA LEIVA: Now Instagram is predominantly pictures, but video has been such a big part in the last couple of years. How do you think that video changed the culture of Instagram?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Significantly. I was thrilled when we had video. You know, first it was built-in to the app as stop-and-go video, which a lot of people don’t use the stop-and-go video inside of Instagram. In fact, I used to use that for my store when we got new inventory. I’d go around the store and I’d do a stop-and-go video of that product coming into the store, customer liking it, merchandising it. And I love that they added that.

And then they added landscape video. And video views on Instagram get more views than likes for photos. So if you want to stand out on Instagram, you want to do videos because you get the opportunity to show up in the Explore tab, as well, when you do video, because people like to watch videos. But here’s the thing– if you’re not putting captions on those videos, a lot of people aren’t watching them because they’re in public places where they can’t turn up the volume.

And they might not have their headphones with them. So by adding the captionings to it– and if you guys look at my last post on TheInstagramExpert, you can see I have captions. On that particular post, my videographer added the branded text. But we get so many more views on anything we do that has the written word, whether it is a video with captions, or whether it is an Instagram Story.

So you have to keep in mind that a lot of time, people are reading, and they’re not listening. So you want make sure that you have the captions. It’s just added value, for sure.

SOFIA LEIVA: Definitely. What are some other benefits that you’ve noticed, in terms of growth or other results that you’ve noticed, from adding captions to your videos?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Yeah. So when I look at my Insights on Instagram, I see that my video posts get more views than my stagnant posts, except for my inspirational quotes. People love my inspirational quotes. So there’s definitely a correlation with more views, and more engagement, when I do video. And the truth is about video, you guys, everybody wants to see the person behind the business, behind the brand, because nobody likes to do business with a logo.

So when you can come out and be visible in your business as a team member– you know, HubSpot here in Boston does a great job on Instagram, especially with their IGTV highlighting things that they teach within their company, and the culture of their company. You just feel a little bit more connected to that company. So I think by doing video and having captions, you just are able to humanize the experience for your viewers.

And they get connected to you faster. It just expedites the human relationship, which everyone is craving in their business. And you do not have to be perfect. And you do not have to put makeup on. And you do not have to have a kick-ass mic like this Yeti. Someone’s asking about it. I’m going to get you the link. But you do need to show up as your true, authentic self, and that’s what people are craving.

SOFIA LEIVA: Yeah. That’s really great, and also video, you can see so many dimensions of a person. If you’re using Instagram Live video, it gives you a whole other element to the person that you’re watching.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Yeah, definitely.

SOFIA LEIVA: So Instagram currently doesn’t allow you to add captions to videos. How do you add captions? And also, what are your thoughts to the fact that most social media platforms don’t allow captions on videos?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: So like I just said, when we post a video, our videos are teasers to our YouTube video, which 3Play Media actually does all of our captions on my YouTube channel. And I’m going to put my– or could you please put my YouTube channel here on the chat? Youtube.com/suebzimmerman, so everyone can see my YouTube channel, where we actually have an initiative to gain a couple thousand followers by the 25th of the month.

So I’m looking for subscribers, and obviously you want to turn on notifications if you’re interested in learning Instagram marketing.

But we have these trailers in our Instagram feed that tease people to go to our full YouTube video, where they are transcribed. And because we have captions on our YouTube videos, we show up more in search. We get more visibility, more eyeballs, more people find me. They ask me to speak at their conferences. So many great things have come out of having a strong video strategy for our business.

So most of our efforts are spent on our YouTube channel, but the trailer is on Instagram to drive traffic to that. And then I love IGTV, which is the newest feature on Instagram. You know, Instagram now has four neighborhoods– the feed, Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live, right? So on my IGTV, we upload videos to 3Play Media’s interface, and we’re able to get captions very quickly.

And then we’re able to put in the text box on my IGTV, so those have the accessibility, more readership, like I said earlier. And I think its been very helpful. And it’s a way for me to stand out from everyone else. In fact, I will share that. Because on IGTV, each IGTV video has a unique URL, I will share the link where my husband from 3Play Media talks about captions in videos, and the benefits. So I’ll drop that in the comments in a second.

SOFIA LEIVA: Thanks. And we just dropped your YouTube link, as well.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Thank you.

SOFIA LEIVA: So make sure, everyone, you check that out and subscribe. So why do you think it’s important to make your social media accessible?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: I mean, it comes down to just getting more views. If you’re going to go through all the work to do social media, cross your Ts and dot your Is and add the video captions. It’s just, you’re going to get more bang for your buck. And it’s very affordable.

SOFIA LEIVA: Yep, exactly. And also you never know who your audience is, so it’s really great to be able to provide the access to everyone.


SOFIA LEIVA: I know we have a question here in the chat about the ADA, but are you familiar with any laws that specifically say that you have to make your social media accessible?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: I am not familiar– oh, I think on colleges and universities, according to my husband, but not on social media, not that I know of.


SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: I mean, do you? Do you? I’m curious if you’ve heard anything.

SOFIA LEIVA: I can’t think of any. I feel like social media is such a new concept that it’s still a little bit vague what the legal laws are behind it. But definitely something that we should research more. So what are other best practices that people can do to make their social media more accessible? Not just with adding captions to videos, but maybe to make videos more accessible– I’m sorry, pictures more accessible.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Hm. You know, I’m all about spending time taking fabulous photos so that people will actually stop in their scrolling track and pay attention to what you’re posting. I would say do not use stock photography. You know, what is the essence of your business, and your brand, and how can you share that visually to capture someone’s attention?

And often, with B2B businesses– like Intel, and LinkedIn does a great job on Instagram– it’s simply sharing the company culture, and letting people know what it feels like to do business with you, so having visual images where that comes through.

SOFIA LEIVA: Definitely. Thank you, Sue.


SOFIA LEIVA: Now, looking at your Instagram feed, you post so much great content and it looks really professionally and really great. Do you do that all yourself, or do you have a team? And what advice do you have for people who don’t have a team?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Great question. So a lot of the photos are taken from my iPhone. Yes, I do have a photographer, and we do photo shoots regularly. So the very high-def ones are from photographers, but wherever I travel, and wherever I go, I’m always snapping pictures, whether it’s in Iceland– Roger and I were just in Iceland– or whether I’m doing a YouTube video– I have my videographer take pictures.

I definitely have a certain look and feel that transcends from every social platform, so that I stay top-of-mind whenever you see like, a brand color, or something shaped like our logo, or a B, or some aspect of that. But you do not have to have a professional photographer. It helps people. It gives credibility to your business when you do. When you invest in yourself, and you invest in your business, and you have professional photos, people take you more seriously.

And so I strongly coach my clients to invest in that, or trade their services for that if they can’t afford it. Like you said, I do have a team, and everyone has a different role in my team. But I’m in charge of posting everything on Instagram. We have a system that starts with our content calendar, and we’re very, very conscious of the content that we’re sharing week to week, day to day, depending on what campaigns we’re in and out of, where I’m traveling, where I’m speaking, what we’re selling, what our initiatives are.

Right now, our initiative is to really get those subscribers on YouTube, so we’re going to be doing a little launch next Wednesday about our YouTube channel. It all depends. But when you look at my channel– I mean, my account, you know exactly that I teach Instagram. That’s the recurring theme, right? And that’s what I want to get across.

SOFIA LEIVA: And I think you definitely get that across really great.


SOFIA LEIVA: So what if you’re a business that isn’t necessarily hip? What should you do if you do want to use social media?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: What do you mean by hip? Like, hip as in what?

SOFIA LEIVA: Say you’re maybe like a law firm, or something like that.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: I work with lawyers. I work with doctors. I work with plastic surgeons. Everyone has a visual story to tell. It’s just a matter of how you’re going to tell it in an authentic way. And for those companies, I think videos are absolutely fabulous, to get on video, kind of break the norm. I guess there’s laws of what you can and can’t do when you’re in the financial business– a lot of accountants and people have clients where they have this privacy issue that they’re dealing with.

But a skyscraper, an ocean, a sunset can represent a certain feeling. And then you have the description where you get 2,200 characters. And you can essentially write a micro blog post, if you want to share good content on Instagram and drive traffic to your webinar, to your free offer, to get people to sign up for your email lists, to a blog post. Bring them back to your website so you can pixel them with Facebook ads.

SOFIA LEIVA: Yeah. I like that. And actually, I’ve seen a lot of doctors go on, and they post research studies, but the way that they do it is really engaging and very informative. So that’s also really creative. We have a couple of questions from the audience.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Yeah. Go ahead and ask them. I saw Carrie’s question, but yeah, go ahead.

SOFIA LEIVA: I’m not sure if this is Carrie’s question. Could you share a template of your content calendar, or suggest where we can find some useful templates?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: OK, so we don’t have a template. We simply go week to week, month to month with themes. And I have two people in charge of content on my team. One specifically focuses on YouTube, and one of them focuses on my live show that I’ll share in the chat, as well. So we have a yearly content calendar. We meet quarterly to discuss our content calendar, and we meet yearly to put our initiatives together, but we’re always tweaking and changing that.

What’s important to do is to not be doing anything last minute, but to have a plan. When you don’t have a plan, you just randomly post. And when you randomly post, you just get random results, right? So you definitely want to have a content calendar. But I would Google content calendar template. We don’t use one. We just use week-to-week calendar, and we have what’s called our content calendar for 2018.

SOFIA LEIVA: Great. Thank you. The next question we have is, do you pair up social posts with email campaigns?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: What do you mean by that? Pair up social posts with email campaigns.

SOFIA LEIVA: I guess like promote your email campaigns, or do a combination of email and social posts for a certain campaign that you’re trying to establish.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: So the way that our business model works is we’re all about sharing free content and building trust with our audience. And so every day, we create free content on Instagram. And every week, we publish free content on my blog and on YouTube. So we have an initiative, and today we’re in that initiative because yesterday, we published a new YouTube video. And that link is in the description of my bio on @TheInstagramExpert today.

It’s all about hashtag #Hashtags, and what you need to know in 2018. And if you click that link, it will take you to our YouTube video. So our goal is always to get more subscribers on YouTube, comments on YouTube, and email subscribers. We care more about email subscribers than making a sale, because ultimately, the more our email list grows, the more money we make.

And we can stay in touch with those people weekly who are on our email list. So we’re very cognizant of nurturing these relationships on a regular basis, so that when someone is ready to buy my Ready Set Gram course, or my Hashtag Handbook, or sign up and coach with me, or attend one of my workshops, they already have a sense of knowing me because they’ve watched my videos on YouTube. They’ve read my blog posts.

And you have to get to know someone before you trust someone and are ready to do business with them. And the more you share on social, the more top-of-mind you stay. And more importantly– this is what I love to say– more other people talk about you. So I’m here doing this interview, and it’s great, and there’s 47 people on right now, and there’s going to be a lot of people watching on the replay.

And I might have said something that really resonated for you guys. And you might go out tonight at a cocktail party, or a conference, and someone might say, gosh, I really need to up my Insta game. And you might say, oh, my gosh, I just listened to Sue B. Zimmerman on this webinar for 3Play Media. You got to check her out. She’s @TheInstagramExpert. And you know what? That’s how your business grows, when other people talk about you, and you don’t talk about yourself.

So the more you share and give free information and free advice, the more money you make. That’s the bottom line. And everyone’s showing up today, to ultimately, I hope, make more money, right?

SOFIA LEIVA: That’s some really, really great advice. Thank you, Sue. The next question we have is, do you have any tips for writing good photo captions?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Yeah I have a blog, which I’ll drop in the comments, or you can Google it– suebzimmerman.com descriptions. And it shows you guys three different types of description styles. In fact– oh, you guys are in for a treat, because we just dropped a free download, which is– hold on. It’s called, “Learn How to Format your Instagram Posts.” It’s basically a copy-and-paste resource for Instagram captions.

So it’s really great that you just asked me about this. So let me grab that link from Slack and give it to you guys right now, because this is everyone’s solution to the problem. And that’s what I was talking about earlier. How can you solve problems that people are having that are going to ultimately help them. So here’s that link for you guys right here.

SOFIA LEIVA: Thank you so much for sharing that, Sue.


SOFIA LEIVA: We have a question here about audio description. What do you think about it? And what about audio description for those who cannot see video? Do you use it at all? Have you seen anyone using it?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Wow, so for people that are blind?

SOFIA LEIVA: Yes. It describes what’s going on in the video within the pauses of the audio.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: I love that. Roger actually showed me that at one time. I think it’s brilliant. I’ve never experienced it, but I love that that is a movement, and people are trying to make video accessible to the blind. I think that’s fabulous. But I haven’t experienced it on social.

SOFIA LEIVA: Yeah. I don’t see a lot of people doing it, either. I do know that one way that you can make it more accessible for blind users is to describe the video in the comments section, and then they’ll be able to read that through a screen reader. So that’s one solution.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Yeah, and that’s cool.

SOFIA LEIVA: We have here one question. In light of the controversy surrounding the Facebook data breaches, do you think it’s a safe place for business owners? I’ve noticed some Instagram users cross-post on Facebook.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: OK. I don’t get caught up in all the data breaches stuff. I’ve been doing this forever and nothing’s ever happened to me. So like, what’s the question? How do I feel about what?

SOFIA LEIVA: I guess, how do you feel about Facebook for business owners?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: It’s mandatory, so that you can do Facebook ads. If you want to make money doing what you love, they have the best platform for ads. Most of our conversions online happen from Facebook ads, like sales, real sales. So if you’re here for business, having a Facebook page so that you can do Instagram ads, and set up a catalog if you sell products, it’s mandatory. So I have a Facebook page– SueBZimmermanEnterprise on Facebook.

And you can see that page. I think there’s, like, 18,000 people there. It’s a great page, again, if you’re interested in Instagram marketing, or interested in how to do a business page the right way.

SOFIA LEIVA: Cool. Yeah. We’ll definitely also link that for you, and I’ll include all these links tomorrow in the email, as well, so that everyone can refer back to them. Speaking about ads, what are your thoughts on Instagram ads? And how can people make those more engaging?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: We do great with our Instagram ads. We split test them. I do Instagram ads in Instagram Stories– 15-second ads. I also do Instagram ads in my feed. Whenever we have a campaign, we always do an Instagram ad. It needs to be under 60 seconds. And they always have captions. All of our video ads always have captions. And we get conversions from our ads.

It’s all based on, who are you targeting? Do you know your target audience? What podcasts do they listen to? Where do they hang out? Where do they shop? You need to know all the nuances of your audience, so that you can target them on Facebook and on Instagram. So we’re huge fans of ads. We have an ad budget.

SOFIA LEIVA: Great, thank you. And I believe we have time for one more question. I know you mentioned a little bit about you had some examples of Instagram accounts that you like. Would you mind sharing them? Which ones are your favorites, and which ones–

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Yeah. So I’m going to drop these three right into the chat, you guys. These are three people that I actually know, and who do captions really well. We’ve got Billie Gene is Marketing. I just spoke on his stage last week in San Diego. He’s amazing. He’s crushing it on YouTube. He spends $200,000 a month on YouTube ads. So once you land on his account, you’ll get pixeled and retargeted. But he’s great if you’re into marketing or you want to learn more.

The other is Gary Vaynerchuk. Some of you guys might have heard about him. He’s crushing it on Instagram. He’s all over social media, hardcore following, mostly millennials. Love him, and he’s got everything on the socials. And then Mel Robbins, who is also from Boston, she’s crushing it as a speaker, and an influencer, and an author. She also does a great job with captions.

So those three should give you guys some information and inspiration on what is working on Instagram, specifically, for video captioning.

SOFIA LEIVA: Thank you so much for sharing, Sue. We did have one more question come in. Can you explain a bit more about your business? You said you had a store. Are you an Instagram consultant, or are you selling products?

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: So I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. I’ve had 18 businesses, you guys. So I’m that person that sees opportunities before the rest of the world, and I knew that Instagram was going to be huge as soon as I started using it, because I think visually. I process information, always visually. So I am an online educator and influencer. So I make money from selling my courses, like Ready Set Gram.

I sell social media classes that cost under $25. I have a Hashtag Handbook, PDF download. And I also get paid to speak. And sometimes I get paid to do influencer things. That’s not my jam, but some people want to pay me money to talk about their business. It has to align. And so I have a team of eight, and two are full-time employees. And we work from anywhere. I work from my phone all day. I’ve got this work-from-anywhere lifestyle. It’s pretty friggin sweet.

So that’s who I am today. And if you go to my website, you can get so much more information on me. You can Google my name. I get interviewed on three podcasts, pretty much every week. You can learn all about social media, business, how to be an entrepreneur. The Social Sip is another really, really good live show on Facebook. Again, free content.

And the last link that I’ll leave for you guys here, that you can share later, that I think will help some of you, specifically the ladies on the call– I mean, my target audience are women, but obviously I do coach and work with a lot of men. But I know exactly, like, the age of the person that we do business with on a regular basis. So we have this three-part free video series called Better Business Habits.

And so if you’re someone that wants to gain clarity, get more done, and spend time on what really matters in your business– well, this video training is definitely for you. So I shared a lot of links, I know, in this, and you’re going to share it in the email. But this is just a testament to creating the content that I talked about, and building the trust, and, more importantly, the credibility.

Because everyone on social media can say they do X, Y and Z. And everyone on Instagram can show fabulous photos and use filters to change things. But you have to have proof that you are the go-to company doing the thing that you say that you’re great at. And this is all that proof that we talked about.

SOFIA LEIVA: Thanks so much, Sue. And seriously, everyone follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. She really posts some amazing content. This was really wonderful. I definitely learned a lot, and I’m sure the audience learned a lot, too. I will definitely be sharing all these links in the email tomorrow. And thank you again, Sue, for joining.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: Oh, you’re welcome. My pleasure. And if anyone that’s tuning in has a question to ask me follow-up, ask me in the Instagram Direct Message. Let me know. I’m going to give everyone a little challenge. I’m a little bossy. You know, I’m from Boston, so this is how I roll. On Instagram, when you start following me, in the comments, let me know that you came over from this interview, and put, I heard you on @3PlayMedia.

That way, Elisa will see those notifications on Instagram, as well. I like to see the people that take action and get value from the free content. And this is what I always preach– tell the content creator that you appreciate what they’re doing. And this is my ask to all of you, is just to let me know that you listened. And I’d love to know what you enjoyed listening to the most.

SOFIA LEIVA: Definitely. We look forward to seeing everyone’s posts. Thanks again, Sue.

SUE B. ZIMMERMAN: You’re welcome. Bye-bye.

SOFIA LEIVA: Everyone have a good day.