Where Do We Go From Here? Web Accessibility Across 3 National Systems

In today’s exceedingly digital world, one could easily conclude everyone has equal access to the information we share online. But some recent research on web pages showed an unsettling reality.

Presenting the results from a national sample on web accessibility, Cyndi Rowland and George Joeckel from WebAIM, will share their findings from 3 distinct organizations. How would you think the national network of University Centers of Excellence in Disability would fare? What about the universities that host them? How about their state government sites? Join us to see if your thoughts are in line with the research.

Given that 8.5% of the general population has a disability affecting computer and internet use, this impacts 27 million Americans today. What needs to happen to make sure they can all have access to content? This webinar will help shed light on where we need to begin.

This presentation will cover:

  • Data & results from the national study
  • A peek at 3 diverse national systems and their approach to accessibility
  • How the findings impact Americans today
  • Where to begin: achieving a more accessible web


Cyndi Rowland
Executive Director | WebAIM

George Joeckel
Web Accessibility Specialist | WebAIM

Sofia Enamorado(Moderator)
3Play Media