Who Should Be Involved in Your Campus’ IT Accessibility Initiative?

When it comes to accessibility on your campus, whose responsibility is it to establish and uphold an accessibility initiative?

On-campus accessibility should be a campus-wide, shared responsibility, but it can be daunting to think about where to begin. Over the last five years, Oklahoma ABLE Tech has worked with over 20 institutions across Oklahoma to build an ambitious project focused on accessibility in higher education. They’ve worked to identify the roles and responsibilities of the many departments in a university that touch accessibility.

In this webinar, Rob Carr, the Accessibility Coordinator at Oklahoma ABLE Tech, will present on the various jobs and responsibilities that are required in implementing a well-rounded accessibility program. He’ll also provide you with the necessary tools to begin conversations for a campus-wide accessibility initiative.

This presentation will cover:

  • Where to begin your journey towards accessibility compliance
  • Roles and responsibilities required for implementing an accessibility initiative
  • How to frame the conversation to illustrate the campus-wide necessity for accessibility


Rob Carr
Accessibility Coordinator | Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Lily Bond (Moderator)
Director of Marketing | 3Play Media