Over the last year, more hotels and restaurants have seen an increase in Title III ADA lawsuits against their websites, reservation policies, service animal policies, and architectural violations..

Title III of the ADA applies to places of public accommodations such as restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. It requires that such places must not discriminate against people with disabilities. 

In this webinar, Marc Dubin, former Senior Trial Attorney of the US Department of Justice and CEO of ADA Expertise Consulting, will discuss the most common violations of the ADA that hotels, restaurants, and other businesses must address. In addition, each participant will be provided with a confidential quiz on service animal policy to help them assess their staff’s knowledge of the law and the risk that lack of training poses. Marc will hold all responses in confidence, and work with businesses to help them reduce their risk of ADA litigation or respond to ADA litigation.

 This presentation will cover:

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Title III of the ADA: How Does it Apply to Hotels, Restaurants, and Businesses?

Title III of the ADA: How Does it Apply to Hotels, Restaurants,  and Businesses? 

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  • New Reservation Requirements For Places Of Lodging – What you need to know when taking reservations from guests with disabilities and posting information about the accessible features of your place of lodging
  • Service Animal Policy – Common mistakes, and what to do when a guest with a dog insists that it is a service dog
  • Websites and the ADA – What you, and your web developer often overlook that may result in ADA liability
  • Architects and the ADA – What you need to be on the lookout for to avoid ADA liability, especially if rebuilding after a disaster
Marc Dubin

Marc Dubin


ADA Expertise Consulting

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About Marc Dubin

Marc Dubin, Esq., serves nationwide as an ADA consultant, as well as an ADA expert in federal court, and provides businesses and state and local governments with guidance about the ADA. He formerly served as a Senior Trial Attorney at the Justice Department, from 1992-2005, in the Disability Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division. In that capacity, he was responsible for nationwide enforcement of the ADA on behalf of the United States.

In addition to assisting businesses, Marc has also served as an ADA Consultant to local governments, assisting with development of Self Evaluation Plans and Transition Plans, and assistance with enhancing the accessibility of their websites. He writes policies and web accessibility statements as well, including the web accessibility statement for the Village of Islamorada, FL, and serving as their ADA Consultant.  The Village’s website was ranked number one in the nation in terms of accessibility by 3Play Media.

He also provides extensive assistance with businesses addressing guests with service animals, including writing policies, testing staff, and training staff.