Laptop, iPad, and iPhone with the word SEO written in code brackets There's no stopping the continued rise of online video. Now, in 2017, 87% of online marketers use video content. With so many marketers relying on video to drive brand awareness and buying interest, SEO has never been more important. Without good video SEO, Google and other search engines have no way of knowing what your videos are about, which means that you're not getting the best rank, views, and conversions out of your videos as you can. That's why we introduced the SEO Embed!

How the SEO Embed helps Google rank your video

Google prioritizes video in search results. However, it can't prioritize your video if it doesn't have the appropriate metadata. The SEO Embed uses linked data to identify your video to Google as a Video Object, and includes important metadata like the video transcript, thumbnail, title, and description. But don't worry - none of this data will show up on your page. The SEO Embed injects all of this information into the head of your page to help Google crawl and index your video without impeding the look and feel of your page. All of this metadata - in particular, the transcript - helps your video and web page rank for more diverse and relevant keywords.

How do I publish the SEO Embed?

Once you've submitted your video for captioning and transcription, simply click Publish > Publish SEO Embed. Copy and paste the embed code into the body of your HTML right below your video embed. It's that simple! Even better: the SEO Embed works with all major video players and platforms.

How do I know if it's working?

You can make sure the embed is working by pasting a link to the page with your video & SEO Embed into Google’s structured data testing tool. This tool parses the code on your page to show you what Google sees. The SEO Embed will show up as a Video Object; when you click on this element, you’ll see your transcript, thumbnail, video title, and description. video object

How do captions and transcripts improve video SEO?

The #1 goal of the SEO Embed is to make sure you get all the value out of your captions and transcripts as possible. Google loves transcripts because they tell crawlers all the information that is contained in a video. Transcripts provide Google with more diverse keywords and important contextual information than can be provided in video titles, descriptions, and tags. As opposed to other solutions like posting the transcript on the page or in tags, the SEO Embed helps Google associate that large chunk of text with the video itself. This is critical for improving search results.

Ready to get started?

Good news! The SEO Embed is included in the cost of captioning and transcription. If you're a current 3Play Media customer, you can get started boosting your video rank with the SEO Embed right away! If you're new to 3Play Media, you can find out more about our captioning and transcription services and jump on the video SEO bandwagon in no time. Get started with the video SEO embed now