What Is Upload Approval?

For organizations that would like an additional review step before orders are submitted for processing, Upload Approval puts all uploads on hold until they can be approved or rejected by a designated user. Upload Approval impacts all files uploaded for transcription and captioning, audio description, and/or translation.

Activating Upload Approval

If you believe your organization could benefit from Upload Approval, Account Managers will walk you through this impactful tool. Once implemented, the user who activated the service will be able to grant upload approval permission to any other user on the project.

Upload Approvers will have the ability to:

  • Change turnaround for files pending approval
  • Approve or reject individual uploads
  • Approve or reject multiple uploads
  • Change audio description service level
Upload Approval Email on ipad

Visibility into Users' Orders

To ensure users and upload approvers remain on the same page, the following can be viewed by all users:

  • Upload approvers for your organization
  • Upload method and upload user (if available)
  • File ID/Name, duration, time of upload, difficulty level
  • Services and turnaround time selected
  • Total cost of services
  • History log of all rejected/approved requests
Videos awaiting approval with upload approval activated on a Macbook
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