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Live Professional Captioning

Highly accurate, reliable, and easy-to-schedule captions for live events.

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Are you ready for worry-free live captions? Live Professional Captioning make it possible.

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We built Live Professional Captions to bring you reliable service, a streamlined scheduling platform, and high-quality live captions that will grip the attention of your audience.

✔️ Resilient failover system that ensures captions always show up.
✔️ Streamlined scheduling in our user-friendly, self-serve platform.
✔️ Trained captioners that provide premium real-time captions.
✔️ A service that’s reliable, easy to set up, and offers peace of mind.

Is This Service for You?

Are you…

Tired of emailing back and forth to schedule live captions only for them not to show up?
Frustrated by live captions dropping off mid-stream and worried about going without any captions?
Done with toggling between vendors for live video services wishing you could do it all in one place?
All of the above?

3Play Media’s Live Professional Captioning solves each of the above pain points. If you’re ready for a new way to live caption, one that doesn’t involve frustration, worry, and wishful thinking, then Live Professional Captioning is for you.

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