How to Add Closed Captions and Subtitles to Soapbox Recordings

Soapbox is a video creation tool from Wistia that allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time. It enables anyone to record, edit, and share high-quality videos using just a webcam.

Adding captions and subtitles to Soapbox videos is simple: all you need to do is export the video to Wistia and submit it to 3Play Media for transcription.

Step 1: Export your Soapbox Video to Wistia

Once you’ve completely finished editing your Soapbox video and you’re ready to add captions, start by exporting the video file to Wistia.

First, click the Export option under the Done Editing menu.

(If you do not already have a Wistia account, you should first create one now for free).

Next, you will be prompted to sign into your Wistia account. You will be directed to a confirmation window (select the destination account from a list first if you have multiple accounts).

Read the warnings and give Wistia access to you Soapbox account.

Then select the desired project and push the Export to Wistia button.

Step 2: Submit Your Video for Captioning

After you’ve found your Soapbox recording in the selected Wistia project you can submit it to 3Play Media for captions and subtitles.

If you don’t already have a 3Play Media account, you can create one.

If you already have a 3Play Media account, follow these steps to add captions and subtitles with or without the roundtrip Wistia integration.

If you have a 3Play Media integration with Wistia, your captions will post back automatically.

If you do not, you will receive an email when your captions are finished and you can follow these steps to add them to your Soapbox recording in Wistia.

Step 3: Share Your Recording

Now you can share your Soapbox recording with the world so that people can view it with captions or subtitles!

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