How to Set Up Live Auto Captions for Zoom Meetings 🗓️

Follow this guide to schedule live auto captions for a Zoom meeting once Zoom has been linked to your 3Play Media project.

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In order to be able to fully implement Live Auto Captions within 3Play Media, you must be the Host of the Zoom Meeting!

➡️ Step 1: Schedule The Meeting Within the Zoom Web Client


zoom navigation bar


Login to and schedule a meeting.


zoom schedule a meeting page


Schedule the meeting for the right time, adding any other information and settings necessary. If the preliminary Zoom and 3Play linkages have been successfully created, most of the settings in a meeting will not have an impact on the live captions and should be set based on personal preference.

Only the meeting ID will have an impact on the necessary steps to get live captions.


zoom meeting ID section


If Generate Automatically is selected, please continue with the rest of this guide. If Personal Meeting ID is selected, there will be an additional step outlined later in Step 2.


➡️ Step 2: Schedule the Event in 3Play

Part 1

3Play Media My Files page


Navigate to your 3Play Media account and click Live Auto Captioning in the top navigation bar.


schedule new event section in 3Play Media


Under the Schedule New Event section on the right, select your Zoom integration.

Click the dropdown menu and select the appropriate user. All users in the linked Zoom account will appear.


schedule live auto captioning page on 3Play Media

All of the scheduled meetings for that user will display. Check the box of the Zoom meeting that needs Live Auto Captioning, enter a start time and date, and click Schedule. The scheduled time for the Zoom meeting will appear as the default time, but any time can be selected.

The time selected here will be the earliest that 3Play live auto captions can be used on this meeting. This is the time that the 3Play live server will become available, and if this time is set after the beginning of the meeting, the captions will not be available immediately. In order to make sure captions are available in time for the participants to enter the meeting, it is best to schedule the 3Play captioning event 5 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the Zoom meeting.


Part 2

scheduled and in progress live auto captioning events page on 3play media


If ‘Generate Automatically’ was the setting selected when setting up the Zoom Meeting in Step 1, please skip to step 3. 

After both the Zoom meeting and the 3Play Captioning event are scheduled, a Stream URL and a Stream Key need to be added to the Zoom meeting in order to use live captions with a personal meeting ID.

The correct Stream URL and Stream Key can be found in the pending 3Play Live Auto Captioning Event.


upcoming meetings page on 3play media


Next, navigate to the scheduled Zoom meeting in Navigate to My Account > Meetings and click on the appropriate meeting.


live stream configuration page


Navigate to the bottom of the meeting details and click Configure Live Stream Settings. Enter the Stream URL and Stream Key into the window that appears.

For Live streaming page URL enter or any valid URL. This field is required, but the value has no bearing on the zoom meeting or the live captions.


➡️ Step 3: Starting the Zoom Meeting


closed caption button on zoom meeting


After both the Zoom meeting is scheduled and the 3Play captioning event is ready and the time for the meeting has arrived, start the Zoom meeting.

Once the Zoom meeting has begun, select the Closed Caption button.


copy the API Token page in zoom


Click “Copy the API token“.


➡️ Step 4: Paste the Zoom API Token for the Zoom Meeting into the 3Play Live Event


scheduled live auto captioning events on 3play media


You should now see this meeting under the Scheduled and In Progress Live Auto Captioning Events section of the Live Auto Captioning page.

Paste the API Token from Step 3 into the Caption Ingest URL field, then click Update.


➡️ Step 5: Begin Live Streaming the Meeting


more option in zoom meeting


Return to your Zoom Meeting. On the bottom bar, click More > Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.

This should be done at or shortly after the Live Event start time scheduled in 3Play.

As a warning, going Live on Customer Live Streaming Service will open a web page to indicate that the meeting is in the process of going live. The Zoom meeting will persist, and that window can be closed at any time after the meeting has successfully gone live.


broadcast page on zoom meeting

Captions should now appear within 5-10 seconds.




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