The Situation

BARBRI is the nation’s #1 bar review prep and is legally required to make their content accessible under the ADA. Before using 3Play Media, BARBRI’s captioning process was very manual and time-consuming. It was taking their team a lot of time to add captions. When the need for audio description came up, they knew they needed a better solution that could accommodate both captioning and description, which led them to 3Play.

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The Approach

Getting started with 3Play Media was easy. All of BARBRI’s lectures are loaded into Brightcove, which allowed them to use our integration for a seamless workflow. They were able to start with captioning with the tagging feature. After having a lecture uploaded for captioning, they log into the 3Play account system to add audio description and then upload a WebVTT file into Brightcove.

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The Results

BARBRI found 3Play to be the out-of-the-box platform they were looking for to get the job done. Working with 3Play Media to caption and audio describe their videos helps BARBRI make sure all of their online lectures meet ADA compliance. In addition, they are able to offer that little extra assistance with the language barrier to their international students who are taking the course, and provide necessary accommodations to those who will need it on the exam.

Meet Your Course

BARBRI + 3Play Media

BARBRI has been able to offer accessible online lectures while significantly streamlining their internal workflow for captioning and audio description as well as meeting legal requirements.

It’s very easy to go in and add captions pretty quickly by tagging. It’s hands-off for us. Once we add that tag, we don’t have to follow up with it to download a file, add it back, do any of the extra steps we were doing before. The integration with Brightcove makes life a lot easier.

Elizabeth Bland
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