The Situation

Gaia didn’t have much of a captioning process prior to working with 3Play or software to access their files. They would receive captioning exports, and if there were any issues, they would continuously send it back for corrections until they were satisfied with the output. This was a very tedious and inefficient process for Gaia’s large volume of content.


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The Approach

Gaia needed a flexible solution to submit and download files, with fast and reliable turnaround times and a high accuracy rate. They required a vendor relationship that was both responsive and supportive. Gaia also needed an intuitive software to access files in one central location and make quick edits when necessary.



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The Results

3Play provides high-quality captions for Gaia’s subscribers. The accuracy of the captions directly reflects the success of their translations and adaptations for an international audience. 3Play has been able to help Gaia simplify their workflow, helping them save time. Captions have become an integral part of Gaia’s operation, and it has helped them retain subscribers.

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Gaia + 3Play Media

With 3Play, Gaia has been able to implement a flexible and streamlined captioning workflow. Subscribers depend on the closed captions to understand complex concepts, while the production teams rely on them to craft more content. Captioning has proved to be a vital asset to Gaia’s process, and they take great pride in making their content accessible to all users.

“I couldn’t imagine our service without captioning. Our aim is to publish every piece of content with captions, and 3Play enables us to do it.”

Michal Lebowitsch
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