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Corporate event captioning – without the headache!

Are you planning a corporate event and overwhelmed with how to make it accessible? 

3Play Media is the solution for companies looking to stay compliant with captioning and audio description requirements and make their events accessible.

The best part? We do it all without the headache! No more emails back-and-forth. We streamline the workflow to make it easy, cost-efficient, and repeatable for every event.

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Features Built to Meet Your Needs

Accessibility partner

When you work with 3Play Media, you get a dedicated, full-service accessibility partner. We offer top-tier support to help you along the way.

Top-notch security

At 3Play Media, we take security extremely seriously and work hard to ensure our customers’ peace of mind knowing that their data is protected. 3Play Media has comprehensive security policies and procedures to maintain rigorous security standards and safeguard our customers’ valuable data.

Customization to fit your needs

Wordlists allow users to submit a glossary of terms to improve the visual accuracy of live captioning on those words. Wordlists are a custom feature unique to 3Play Media, designed to increase the accuracy of words in a live stream.

Reliability for your peace-of-mind

In case of any technical issues or unforeseen circumstances during your event, 3Play Media runs live auto-captions in the background as a failback option. In the event of a disruption, we’ll seamlessly transition from live captioning to our automatic solutions and then back when the connection returns. This ensures uninterrupted accessibility for your attendees, no matter the situation.

[3Play Media has] been great. We’ve always had great support. Questions are always answered very quickly. You guys have always been willing to jump in and pitch in to help solve issues.

Jackie Gagin

Wow your audience with 3Play Media!

At 3Play Media, we understand the critical role accessibility plays in corporate events. We’re here to ensure your event is inclusive and legally compliant, all while increasing ROI and enhancing your brand perception.

Our service is designed to provide you with the highest level of accuracy possible, without the headache. Our seamless workflows are built to scale with your needs: whether it’s one event or many. When you partner with 3Play Media, you can count on accessibility that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

What You Can Expect

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