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+How do I upload my media files?

There are several ways to upload your media files. Navigate to the Upload page and choose from one of these basic options: Secure Direct Upload, Upload Links, or FTP. You can also upload files through the API or import from another video platform. Your files will begin processing as soon as they are uploaded.

  • Secure Direct Upload (HTTPS) – This is the easiest way to upload multiple files directly from your computer. Your files must be less than 500MB each.
  • Upload Links – If your media files are hosted on a publicly accessible server, you can simply paste the URL links (make sure that each link points directly to the actual media file – not the web page). For YouTube videos, the URLs should point to the YouTube web pages.
  • FTP – This is a more robust upload method advised for files larger than 500MB or numerous files.

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+How do I request rush service?

For captioning and transcription, standard turnaround is 4 business days. We also offer 2-business-days, 1-business-day, 8-hour, and 2-hour turnaround for an additional fee. If you are uploading files using the secure direct upload or pasting links, you can specify rush service with the turnaround dropdown menu.  You can also request rush processing via FTP by uploading to special folders. For example, files uploaded to a folder named rush will get 1-business-day processing.

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+Will I be notified when my files are ready?

You have the option to receive email notifications about completed files.

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+How do I upload files to a particular folder using FTP?

To upload a file to a particular folder, create a folder with that name in the FTP client. Files uploaded to this folder will automatically be placed into that named folder in your account. If that folder does not exist yet, it will automatically be created.

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+Do I need to use any specific FTP settings?

You can view the recommended FTP settings by navigating to Upload > FTP Upload Information.  In particular, it often helps to set the Connection Timeout to 120 seconds.

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+What media formats do you support for input?

We support most video and audio web formats that don’t use a proprietary codec. As a general rule, if a file can be played in a standard media player, we can probably process it. For a complete list of supported formats, see the article Supported Media Formats and Codecs

+What if my content is on physical media like DVD discs, VHS tapes, or audio cassettes?

We have a partnership with DiJiFi, which specializes in extracting files from physical media and transfers the digital content directly into your 3Play Media account. The original materials are shipped back to you.  Please contact DiJiFi for additional information.

Tel: (646) 519-2447
1166 Manhattan Ave #100
Brooklyn NY 11222

+What if my media files are very large?

Video files that are larger than 1 GB should be downsampled and compressed before uploading. We recommend converting to the MP4 format with H.264 encoding and reducing the video size to 320×240. Another (less preferable) option is to extract the audio (WAV format) and upload that instead.

There is plenty of software that can convert your video files. One example is HandBrake, which is a free, open source software available for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems.

Files larger than 500MB should not be uploaded using the Secure Direct Upload. Instead it is best to use the FTP or Upload Links method.

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+Are there certain formats that you don’t support or recommend?

It’s important that the video or audio codec must be transcodable and non-proprietary.  For example, some Sony video recorders use a proprietary codec that is very difficult to work with. In that case, we would ask you to re-encode the file using a non-proprietary codec. Also, we recommend using WAV rather than MP3 format for audio files because MP3 sometimes produces artifacts during our transcoding process.

+Is it possible to develop a custom, automated workflow through APIs?

Yes, you can use our flexible APIs to transfer files back and forth, monitor job status, and integrate with our video plugins. For additional information, see our documentation for developers.

+Can you receive raw video or do you prefer compressed video?

We prefer that you upload compressed video because it takes a lot less time to upload. If you upload uncompressed video we will compress it anyway.

+I have caption files that were not produced by you. Can you convert them to a different format?

You can import your existing captions and subtitles using the caption import tool. You can then export them to any other format. We also have a free caption format converter tool that lets you convert from SRT to 8 different caption formats. 

+Can I cancel a file after uploading has begun?

If you upload the wrong file by mistake, navigate to the My Files page and click the Cancel Job button immediately.  There is a short window of opportunity to cancel a file before the transcription process begins. After the transcription process begins, it cannot be canceled.

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+How do I adjust the transcription settings?

When you upload files you can specify certain transcription settings, such as how to denote speaker identification or treat inaudibles and flagged words. These settings can also be changed at a later time.

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+How can I submit additional instructions or special vocabulary when I upload a file?

It’s easy to upload a cheat sheet with specialized vocabulary, acronyms, names, or places. This helps our transcriptionists to decipher the spoken words.

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