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Faces Behind the Screen (FBTS) is a storytelling project focusing on individuals who benefit from a more accessible web. FBTS was launched in early 2017 with the hope of spreading awareness about web accessibility by sharing photos and interviews of people with various sensory impairments, including d/Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, and low vision individuals.

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About Faces Behind the Screen

Inspired by the popular photo-interview project Humans of New York, we launched FBTS at the beginning of 2017 to spread awareness about web accessibility. Through photos and interviews, we have been able to share many unique stories that give everyday people a face, a voice, and an opportunity to share their story and perspective.

Our aim is to simply connect the world with these stories, offer a new perspective, hopefully, shatter common stigmas and preconceived notions, and remind everyone that the world wide web, including websites, apps, and other digital interfaces, needs to be accessible for everyone – including people with disabilities.

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