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Express Account

The Express account is designed for light users who need premium quality captioning and transcription with fast, reliable turnaround. There is a minimum charge of one minute ($3) for files under 1 minute in duration. After that, the price is prorated to the exact duration of each file.

Your account will include these features and capabilities:

  • Premium quality with +99% accuracy
  • Multiple turnaround options, as fast as 8 hours
  • Variety of caption and transcript formats
  • No minimum commitment
  • All work done in the U.S. by professional transcriptionists
  • Integrations with YouTube and Vimeo

You’ll always have the option to upgrade to Pro if you ever need advanced caption formats, translation, multiple users, volume discounts, or other features available with the Pro account.

Express AccountPricing
English Captioning & Transcription$3.00/min
Spanish Captioning & Transcription$4.50/min


Note: SMPTE-TT, EBU.STL, CAP, 608/708, and AVID formats are not available with the Express Account, nor is translation/subtitling or caption encoding/open captioning. You’ll need a Pro Account to access these advanced features.

Express Account
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