Protecting Every Word as Precious Data

In the realm of captioning, each word isn’t just text—it’s valuable data. While some captions are public information with minimal impact if exposed, others carry strategic, financial, or sensitive weight. Our robust security protocols guard your content with unparalleled care, while also protecting your personal data.


Security is Our Priority

At 3Play Media, we’re not just about enhancing media accessibility; we’re champions of security and privacy. With a vast array of services ranging from closed captioning to audio description, we understand the significance of safeguarding your media and personal data in a digital landscape rife with threats.

Our holistic security approach extends far beyond compliance; it’s a pledge to protect your data with utmost vigilance.

To request our security documents, please visit our Trust Center.

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Fortified Services, Fortified Trust

Our Compliance and Certifications

Are You Choosing the Right Captioning Vendor for Your Security Needs?

This resource equips you with practical advice to ensure your chosen vendor aligns seamlessly with your security requirements. Your company’s sensitive information, data integrity, and operational safety deserve the utmost protection.