3Play Media Patents

3Play Media is the leading provider of media accessibility services, including closed captioning, transcription, live captioning, audio description, and localization. 3Play’s patented technology can be found in certain products and processes.

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Patent List


Patent Name Patent Number Patent Description Related Product(s)
Intelligent Caption Systems And Methods US-9632997-B1, US-8918311-B1 This patent covers the automated parsing of caption frames based on syntactic best practices and the identification of underutilized space to aesthetically fill out caption frames, optimizing for timing and readability. Captioning, Subtitling
Methods And Systems Of Associating Metadata With Media US-8930308-B1 This patent covers the association of metadata (like links or descriptive text) with time-coded transcript text that is synchronized to media. Access Player
Automated Caption Positioning Systems And Methods US-9456170-B1 This patent covers the automated repositioning of caption frames based on detection of critical visual information (like text) on video frames. Captioning, Subtitling, Live Captioning
Automated Delivery of Transcription Products US-9886956-B1, US-9460719-B1 This patent covers the progressive delivery and replacement of caption versions – ASR-only, followed by one or multiple human-edited versions – as well as the use of an automated quality metric to determine if ASR-only should be delivered prior to a human-edited version. Captioning, Transcription
Systems And Methods For Automated Transcription Training US-9576498-B1 This patent establishes a completely automated application, testing, and certification process for onboarding contractors at scale to complete tasks related to transcription. Captioning, Transcription, Audio Description, Live Captioning
Systems And Methods For Automatically Synchronizing Media To Derived Content US-9633696-B1 This patent covers the association of a clip or montage with a larger media file and the generation of captions based on the relevant time code(s). The order of clips within a montage doesn’t matter. Video Clip Captioner, Captioning, Transcription, Subtitling
Electronic Transcription Job Market US-11657341-B2, US-10748532-B1, US-9704111-B1 This patent covers the use of ASR to identify qualities of a transcription task (like difficulty) and the display of that information on a market for contractors, making the market more efficient and fair. Captioning, Transcription, Audio Description, Live Captioning
Efficient Audio Description Systems And Methods US-11238899-B1, US-10580457-B2 This patent covers the use of time-coded ASR transcripts to enable precise timing of the descriptions, as well as the use of an editing UI to produce scripts in those spaces. Audio Description
Hybrid Live Captioning Systems and Methods US-11735186-B2 This patent covers the automated failover and fallback of live captions from one source to another (e.g., from a human captioner to ASR). Live Captioning