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Highly accurate, reliable and simply integrated solutions powered by patented 3Play Media technology.


A pay-as-you-go solution built for solo projects.

  • Captioning & transcription
  • Audio description
  • Caption encoding for social videos
  • Spanish captioning
  • One user, one project
  • Easy upgrade path

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A full-serviced solution built for your business.

  • Captioning & transcription
  • Live automatic captioning
  • Audio description
  • Translation & subtitling
  • Multiple projects, multiple users
  • Custom workflows, formats, and turnaround
  • Dedicated account manager & onboarding

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Customer satisfaction with our quality.

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Turnaround ⏰

We guarantee turnaround times so you know exactly when your captions and descriptions will be returned.

Enterprise-Grade Support 🤝

With 3Play, you get a dedicated account manager, onboarding, and 5-start support.

Premium Quality 👍

3Play Media is the only vendor with proven 99% accuracy.

Full-Service Solution 🧰

3Play offers all the services you need to create truly accessible video in one place.

Scalability 📹

3Play is the only vendor with scalable features for enterprise.

20+ Languages 🗺️

We accept original source videos in 20+ languages and offer translations to 40+ languages.

3Play Media is the ideal vendor - quick, responsive and able to deliver on their product for good value within a tight timeframe.

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Light volumes of content


High volume content
Captioning & Transcription English & Spanish Only 16 Languages
Audio Description checkmark in circle checkmark in circle
Translation/Subtitling checkmark in circle
Live Captioning checkmark in circle
Caption Import checkmark in circle
Transcript Alignment checkmark in circle
ASR Only checkmark in circle
HIPAA-Compliant Workflow checkmark in circle
Caption Encoding checkmark in circle checkmark in circle
Caption Editor checkmark in circle checkmark in circle
Upload Options Computer Computer, Links, FTP, API, Cloud Storage
Integrations YouTube, Vimeo 30+
Upload Approval checkmark in circle
50+ Caption Formats

Transcript, Web, & SMPTE formats
checkmark in circle checkmark in circle
Advanced Caption Formats

EBU.STL, CAP, 608/708, AVID
checkmark in circle
Custom Formats checkmark in circle
Vertical Caption Placement checkmark in circle checkmark in circle
Users 1 Multiple Users
Projects 1 Multiple Projects
Manage User Permissions checkmark in circle
Transcription Settings/Glossaries checkmark in circle
Interactive Plugins checkmark in circle
SEO Tools checkmark in circle
LMS Compatibility checkmark in circle
Video Search
& Clipping
checkmark in circle
Premium Phone & Email Support checkmark in circle
400+ Support Articles checkmark in circle checkmark in circle
Dedicated Account Manager checkmark in circle
Onboarding checkmark in circle
Custom Account Configurations checkmark in circle
Advanced File Tracking Tools checkmark in circle
Single Sign On checkmark in circle
Flexible Billing Options checkmark in circle
Custom Pricing checkmark in circle
Custom Turnaround Options checkmark in circle
Custom Workflows checkmark in circle
Professional Services checkmark in circle
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Quick FAQs

What is your accuracy rate?

We guarantee over 99% accuracy on all files, regardless of which account type you choose. Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%, and we strive to provide flawless files.

What do I get back when I upload a video or audio file?

You will be able to download caption and transcript files in over 50 different formats. The format you need will depend on the platform you are using to publish your videos. You can learn more about the right format for you in our support docs.

If you need the captions burned into your video file, you can always order caption encoding or open captioning.

Is the price the same for audio and video files?

Yes, we treat audio and video files the same way!

Do you charge separately for transcription and captioning?

No! Unlike most captioning vendors, our price includes both captions and transcripts in over 50 different output formats.

Do you offer live captioning and transcription?

Yes, we offer a live auto captioning service for Pro and Enterprise customers. We integrate with top live streaming video and meeting platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and JW Player, with Facebook also coming soon.

Do I have to pay for the interactive transcript and other plugins?

No. All of our plugins, including the interactive transcript, are included with a Pro or Enterprise account.

When will I get my files back?

We have several different turnaround options, ranging from 2 hours to 10 days. You can select turnaround when you upload!

What are the billing options?

If you are on our Express plan, you can pay by credit card. If you are on our Pro or Enterprise plan, you can choose to pay by credit card or we can invoice you.

Is there a yearly contract or licensing fee?

A contract is not required, and you only pay for what you use.

Is there a minimum amount of video required to become a customer?

The Express plan has no minimum. The Pro plan has a minimum commitment of 5 hours and the Enterprise plan has a minimum commitment of 30 hours.

Is there a minimum video or audio file duration?

There is a 1-minute minimum. After that, you pay for the exact duration of each file, rounded to the nearest second.


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