Diversity at 3Play Media

3Play Media was founded on a mission of inclusion: We make digital content widely accessible, so that people of all abilities, needs, preferences, and experiences have an equal experience consuming it. But we’re not just focused on increasing accessibility through our work for our customers; we are an accessibility company at our core. To succeed in both our mission and our business, we put accessibility at the center of everything we do– from the services we provide and how we design our technology, to how we build our workforce and interact with our community.

Understanding the array of unique experiences of our customers, their end users, and community members is critical for our ability to build the best possible technology and provide the best possible service. To do that, we seek out diverse perspectives from our board members, executive and leadership teams, and employees across departments. We cultivate an employee population that brings new and diverse ideas, because we recognize that differences make us stronger and provide opportunities for each of us to teach, learn, improve, and together create the best outcomes.

Our regular employee training supports collective alignment on inclusivity, from hiring to building a culture where everyone can contribute and do their best work. We host annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day events to encourage 3Players to talk, think, and learn about digital access and inclusion. We also create space for organic conversations honoring diversity and encourage 3Players to learn about each other. Social opportunities like a team wheelchair building program, participation in the New England Walk4Hearing, and events like Pride events and historic Black Boston walking tours help 3Players stay connected–to our mission and to each other.

Our authentic approach to inclusivity within 3Play Media positions us well for leading accessibility efforts and conversations in our communities. Through our ACCESS FOR ALL program, we cover the cost of transcription and captioning content related to social justice, to make it accessible to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community. We also host one of North America’s premiere accessibility conferences, ACCESS, and regularly publish public webinars supporting and discussing topics that promote inclusivity.

Encouraging, understanding, and applying the diverse perspectives of 3Players allows us to make decisions to ensure that our products, services, and tools are universally designed. When we do it right, we create a solid foundation for inclusivity within our company and our community.