Live Professional Captioning Launch Party

Live Professional Captioning Launch Party

It’s time to simplify the live captioning process. Introducing Live Professional Captioning!

We built Live Professional Captions to bring you reliable service, a streamlined scheduling platform, and high-quality live captions that will grip the attention of your audience.

✔️ Resilient failover system that ensures captions always show up.
✔️ Streamlined scheduling in our user-friendly, self-serve platform.
✔️ Trained captioners that provide premium real-time captions.
✔️ A service that’s reliable, easy to set up, and offers peace of mind.

In this launch party, you will hear all about:

  • The evolution of live captioning
  • Common challenges with live captioning
  • How Live Professional Captioning simplifies the process
  • Live product demo of Live Professional Captioning

Keynote Speaker

Jill Brooks
Senior Director of Live Operations at 3Play Media, 3Play Media

Jill Brooks, is the former President and Chief Operating Officer at the National Captioning Institute (NCI) and the current Senior Director of Live Operations at 3Play Media.

Special Guest Speakers

Craig Herman
SVP Sales & Account Management, 3Play Media

Stephanie Laing
Senior Product Manager, 3Play Media


Kelly Mahoney
Content Marketing Associate, 3Play Media