Wistia Integration

3Play Media’s integration with Wistia makes your video experiences engaging and accessible, with an automated workflow that’s as easy as pushing a button.

Order from either platform and centralize your media accessibility requests – we’ll take care of everything else.

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How it works:

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Customize your video with captions and audio description files by uploading through a 3Play account, or submit videos for services directly from your Wistia account.

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Interested in setting up the integration?

Wistia's In-App Accessibility Checklist

Equitable access shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Wistia’s built-in accessibility checklist seamlessly incorporates everything you need to know to create accessible video experiences, from color contrast to compatibility with assistive devices.

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I am so impressed with the quality of the transcription. Some of our audio content is fast and includes specialized references—so it can’t be easy to convert to text.

Rachel Huizinga
Indianapolis Museum of Art

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