Wistia Integration

3Play Media’s integration with Wistia allows you to add closed captions with or without a 3Play Media account. When you initiate transcription, your video gets transferred to 3Play Media for processing and the captions are automatically sent to Wistia after they have been completed. If you request captions from Wistia, billing is handled directly through Wistia. If you request captions from your 3Play Media account, then we handle the billing. Having a 3Play Media account provides volume pricing, more turnaround options, and the ability to add interactive transcripts.

Accessible Video with Wistia


Wistia provides an accessibility checklist to help users make sure their videos are accessible when published on the web. In addition to captioning, they allow for an audio description track describe any necessary visual information on screen. An example of a Wistia video with 3Play Media’s captioning and audio description is below.

I am so impressed with the quality of the transcription. Some of our audio content is fast and includes specialized references—so it can’t be easy to convert to text.

Rachel Huizinga
Indianapolis Museum of Art
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