Brightcove Audio Description Solution Offers Multiple Audio Tracks

November 29, 2017 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: September 6, 2023

One of the biggest barriers with audio description is that most browsers and video players do not support the playing of description in the same way that they support captions. Brightcove is the first enterprise-level video platform to offer audio description support. The are doing this by supporting video with multiple alternate audio tracks, allowing the option to select an audio track with or without description.

3Play’s Brightcove integration makes adding audio description to your Brightcove videos seamless.

Step 1 – Set up the Brightcove integration in your 3Play Media account

You can create a linked Brightcove account directly from within your 3Play Media account.

Once logged in to your 3Play Media account, select Upload Media. Then choose Linked Account.

If your account is already linked, simply select Brightcove from the list.

If your account is not yet linked, select + New Linked Account. Then select the Brightcove icon from the menu.

Note: Multiple audio tracks are supported only when you upload your videos to Brightcove through Dynamic Delivery. To turn on Dynamic Delivery, contact your Brightcove account manager.

Step 2 – Turn on postback for audio description

To turn postback on, click on Settings under Brightcove.

Next to Postback Audio Description, click the dropdown menu and choose On.

Click Update at the bottom of the window to make sure your changes have been saved.

Click on settings then turn postback on in 3Play Media account Brightcove settings window.

Upload media from your Brightcove linked account

Now you’re ready to upload media from your new linked account!

From within the Brightcove account window, select the video that you would like to describe and choose Process.

Audio description will post back to your video when it is complete. When it’s done, it will look like the video below. You will be able to choose the audio track you would like to play from multiple options.

Give it a try! Press the play button to start the video. Hover over the headphone icon on the video menu bar and select the track you would like to play. You can choose the audio track with audio description, or without!


You’re just a few clicks away from making your videos accessible. Get started today!

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