Meet 3Play Media’s Transcriptionists

May 9, 2017 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: June 3, 2019

At 3Play Media, our multi-step captioning and transcription method is what truly sets us apart from other video accessibility services. Leveraging technology in combination with human editing means that our transcript editors play a crucial role in making our company who we are.

What Do Transcript Editors Do?

All of our 1000+ editors go through a rigorous certification process before ever touching a file. These individuals are editors, not just typists, and our approach affords them the opportunity to spend more time on the finer details in order to ensure that our customers receive top quality transcripts and captions. Our editors come from different backgrounds and often have discipline-specific expertise or a familiarity with different accents. This allows us to process a broad range of complex content to a consistently high quality.

Who Are Our Editors?

When it comes to editing, we know our editors are talented, but we wanted to know more about them! Each of our editors has a unique story and background that makes them perfect for the job. Our editors include single parents who want to be home when their kids need them, avid travelers who like taking their work on the road, and even an Emmy Award-winning writer!

Our Editors’ Favorite Things About Working With 3Play

We want to keep our editors happy! To learn more about our editors and get a better understanding of why they like working for 3Play, we conducted a survey. We asked them what their favorite thing about working with 3Play Media is. Here’s what they had to say:

How Happy Are Our Editors Working With 3Play?

Whether our editors work with us several times a month, or just a few times a year, they all love the flexibility and perks that working as an editor with 3Play offers! In fact, we asked them how happy they are working with 3Play on a scale of 1-10. On average, our editors rated their happiness an 8.5 out of 10.

How Did Our Editors Get Started With 3Play?

We’re thrilled that our editors like working with us, because we like working with them, too. We also asked them what prompted them to become an editor with 3Play. A lot of people were looking for a way to make extra income, while maintaining a flexible schedule. One of our editors said, “I wanted to be able to still stay home with my kids but supplement my husband’s income,” while another told us, “I enjoy the challenge.” Another editor summed it up for us best, explaining simply, “dollah dollah bills.”

It may be extra cash, or a flexible income that prompted our editors to get started, but what’s keeping them here is us! We asked them how we compare with other transcription/captioning companies they may have worked for, and we’re thrilled with the responses.


Learn more about our editors, or apply to become an editor today!



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