Providing Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Family Caregivers

November 17, 2021 BY REBECCA KLEIN
Updated: November 18, 2021

At 3Play Media, we’re proud to celebrate National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) this November.

NFCM is spearheaded by the Caregiver Action Network and is an opportunity to raise awareness of caregiving issues, educate communities, and increase support for family caregivers, who are the primary source of support for older adults and people with disabilities in the United States.

Family Caregivers and 3Play Media

As many readers might be aware, an essential part of our innovative captioning process involves human contractors who edit transcripts drafted by Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.

Some readers might not be aware that many of our contractors are also family caregivers, unpaid individuals who assist others with activities of daily living and medical tasks. Full-time work is not an option for many caregivers due to care obligations. However, contracting with 3Play Media provides a flexible part-time job, weekly paychecks, and the ability to work from home—precisely the kind of work many family caregivers need.

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The Financial Repercussions of Caregiving

Statistics for family caregivers in the U.S. are staggering. In 2020, approximately 53 million people provided informal care, up from 43.5 million caregivers in 2015. 

Studies show that many family caregivers report high emotional distress, which can impact their emotional and physical well-being and the quality of care for the recipient. As the country continues to age, the need to support caregivers will only become more critical.

While the factors contributing to caregiver distress are varied and nuanced, one of the most significant causes is the economic impact of family caregiving.

In one study, 18% of family caregivers reported high financial strain due to caregiving, 45% experienced at least one economic impact, 28% stopped saving, and 23% took on more debt. In the same study, 53% of working caregivers reported going into work late, leaving early, or taking time off to accommodate care. Additionally, 10% of working caregivers had to give up work entirely or retire early.

Since many caregivers cannot commit to long structured work hours while caregiving, a flexible part-time job is often a great option.

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Providing Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Family Caregivers

To better understand why family caregivers like working with us, we reached out to our contractors directly to get their input.

Flexible Schedules and Workloads


Many family caregivers highlighted the flexibility of our part-time editor positions, which allow contractors to decide their schedules, work as much or as little as they’d like, and take unlimited time off without losing the opportunity for future work.

One respondent, Mary S., said,

My father passed away and my mother has been sick. Between that and covid and other family obligations, I needed something that would provide flexibility but a decent hourly rate for when I’m able to work. Sometimes I’ll be able to work 30 hours, and sometimes I’ll be able to work 3. I appreciate that there isn’t a minimum or maximum. I appreciate that we’re not let go if we have an emergency and need to return a job, and we’re not tied to a set schedule.Mary S.

Another respondent, Ginny F., also needed flexibility to care for her aging parents.

My parents are in assisted living and I have to take them to appointments and deal with emergencies so sometimes my availability varies… I had planned to re-enter the workforce to help out with the inevitable expenses, but I needed more flexibility in days/hours than I could find. 3Play came into my life just when I needed it.Ginny F.

We’re grateful to be able to provide our contractors with flexible part-time jobs that fit their lives and care schedules.

Work-From-Home (or Anywhere, Really)

Laptop with work-from-home symbol

A work-from-home position is an unsurprisingly great option for family caregivers because it allows them to work wherever they are—including while they’re assisting at a relative’s home.

Multiple respondents emphasized the ability to work from home. One respondent, Nancy C., said, “I am a retired family law attorney who lives at home with a partner who has significant dementia. I can’t leave him alone for long and therefore this is perfect for me.”

Another respondent was able to continue working as a 3Play contractor even while experiencing homelessness and providing care.

3Play probably saved our lives during this pandemic. We’ve been unhoused for a year, just moving around hotels, but that hasn’t meant any substantial interruption in work for me.Taren G.

Since our contracting work can be performed from any location with stable Internet access, family caregivers have immense flexibility in choosing where and when to work.

Earn a Weekly and Fair Paycheck

For many of our contractors, the ability to earn a weekly paycheck while working a flexible position is life-changing. One respondent, Linda L., said,

Originally, It was an attractive way to earn a little extra “mad money.” Then it became a godsend to enable me to stay home to care for my aging mother and still pay the bills. I live in rural Mississippi and care for my 92-year-old mom, a horse named Dusty, a dog named Duffy, and a cat named Phoebe. Working with 3Play makes that possible.Linda L.

We’re proud to compensate our contractors fairly and with higher pay than the industry standard. We understand that human editors are necessary for creating high-quality captions, so we strongly believe in fair compensation and ethical treatment. On average, we pay our contractors three to four times more than other transcription companies.

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