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Pixel-perfect quality made for broadcast

Available formats:


As Broadcast Script (ABS)

Simple formatting, commonly used for translation or with projects intended for submission to awards shows.
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As Broadcast Script (Grid)

Contains the same information as in ABS, delivered in grid format.
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Dialogue List (DL)

Time-coded transcription that provides a solid foundation for the creation of captions, subtitles, and other post-production scripts.
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Dialogue Continuity Script (DCS)

Provides detailed information about on-screen action and scenes in the order in which they’re shown, including sound effects and accents.
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Combined Dialogue and Spotting List (CDSL)

A more complex format which includes speaker IDs, title numbers, caption duration, credits, and more.
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Combined Continuity and Spotting List (CCSL)

Post-production script of your content’s final broadcast written in a shot-by-shot description.
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