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Laureate Education

How does Laureate Education use online video?

Laureate Education is a network of higher education colleges and universities that focuses on online education, but also has brick-and-mortar schools. Laureate uses video and audio programs to enhance the online learning experience.

What is the motivation for captioning and transcription?

As an educational institution, Laureate must be ADA compliant. Also, their objective is to reach as many students as possible. Captioning and transcription is done for all new courses and some of the older courses have been retrofitted with captions and transcripts to better meet student needs. Sometimes this is done at the specific request of a student.

What is the process and workflow?

Laureate’s Asset Management Group uploads compressed video files to 3Play Media for processing. Internal scheduling requirements dictate whether standard or rush turnaround is selected. Once the captions files have been completed, they are downloaded from the 3Play Media account and placed into the media player using Final Cut Server. Transcripts are also downloaded and formatted as ADA-compliant PDF documents that are placed in the online classrooms and made available to students.

Why did Laureate select 3Play Media?

Laureate needed a vendor that could provide a cost-effective solution for captions and transcripts with fast and reliable turnaround. They also needed to ensure that the vendor could handle large volumes and still deliver on time. Also, the price was extremely competitive, allowing Laureate to pass the savings on to their students.


Laureate has been able to implement a cost-effective and easy-to-use workflow to comply with ADA requirements and meet student needs.

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3Play Media is extremely easy to use. Previously, we had to send emails every time we needed captions or transcripts and the amount of communication was hard to keep up with. Now we can simply upload files and they are taken care of. That’s HUGE! Also, the price is extremely competitive.

Emily Owens
Laureate Education
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