2022 Digital Accessibility Legal Update with Lainey Feingold

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A lot has happened in the digital accessibility legal space this year – have you kept up? Most recently, a new digital accessibility law was introduced in the United States Congress. If the law passes as written, it will result in digital accessibility regulations for both websites and software applications. Commercial providers who design, develop, and modify certain websites or applications are part of the proposed legislation.

The introduction of a U.S. accessibility law is just one of many accessibility legal developments in 2022. Others? The Department of Justice announced its intention to write web regulations for state and local governments. The DOJ and the EEOC issued important guidance about how to avoid disability discrimination when using Artificial Intelligence hiring tools. The United States Access Board is talking about kiosk accessibility regulations. And of course, there were new lawsuits, court orders, settlements, other government activities, and Structured Negotiations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Legal requirements impacting digital accessibility (primarily in the US, touching upon international requirements).
  • Updates on major digital access court cases, laws, regulations, and settlements over the
    past twelve months.
  • Best practices for digital accessibility to stay ahead of the legal curve as defined by
    industry leaders, court orders, and major settlements.
  • Ethics in the digital accessibility legal space (centering disabled people and avoiding fear,
    quick fixes, and shortcuts).