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Why 3Play Media

More than 2,000 Delighted Customers

“3Play Media has exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality of our captioned and transcribed files, turnaround time, ease of account management and customer service.”
Eric Granum
Internal Revenue Service

Top 10 Reasons to Choose 3Play Media

1. Premium Quality

QualityOver 99% accuracy, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, technical content, or background noise. All work is done in the USA by professionally trained transcriptionists.

2. Fast, Reliable Turnaround for Any Volume

Turnaround TimeWe provide a range of turnaround options, enabling you get closed captions or transcripts within 2 hours. Our staff of more than 800 transcriptionists provide the capacity to consistently deliver on time – no matter how large your project.

3. Competitive Pricing

PricingOur patent-pending technology optimizes the transcription process, resulting in very competitive prices without compromising quality.

4. Integrations with Video Platforms

IntegrationsPush-button simplicity with most video platforms and lecture capture systems.

5. Caption Import

Caption ImportAbility to import your existing captions or translated subtitles to convert to other formats or use interactive transcripts.

6. Interactive Video Plugins

Interactive Video PluginsWe offer easy-to-use plugins that make your videos accessible, searchable, SEO-friendly, interactive, and more engaging.

7. Caption / Subtitle Editor

Caption/Subtitle EditorAlthough rarely necessary, you can make changes to your captions or translated subtitles on the fly after they have been processed.

8. Online Account System

Online Account SystemWeb-based account system with support for multiple departments, users, and access privileges.

9. Upload Flexibility

Upload FlexibilityFlexible options for uploading your files: secure HTTP uploader, FTP, link pasting, API, and direct transfer from other platforms. Support for hundreds different media formats.

10. Wide Variety of Captions, Subtitle, and Transcript Formats

Wide Variety of Captions, Subtitle, and Transcript FormatsWe offer captions, subtitles, and transcripts in over 50 different formats. We can also build custom formats.

Customers Love Us!

We surveyed our 2,000+ customers about their experience working with 3Play Media and the results were overwhelmingly positive. The top themes mentioned were quality & accuracy, ease of use, turnaround, integrations, price, and support.

Word Cloud of 3Play Media Feedback Survey. Top words: support, quality, turnaround, easy, integration, price


3Play Media made Streaming Media’s 2014 list of 100 companies that matter most in online video, and was named a finalist in their Reader’s Choice Awards in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

3Play Media was also a finalist in the 2013 and 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards and was awarded the Campus Technology Innovators Award for innovative captioning work with Penn State University.

Streaming Media 100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2014Campus Technology Innovators Award

Readers' Choice Awards Finalist 2013Readers' Choice Awards Finalist 2014Readers' Choice Awards Finalist 2015

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